Blac Chyna Shades Rob Kardashian: Stop Being Lazy!

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Blac Chyna has seemingly sent a very cryptic and very simple message to Rob Kardashian. 

And that message goes something like this:

Blac Chyna, Kids

Stop talking the talk and start walking the walk!


We may be embellishing a bit, but only a tad bit, based on the reality star's latest Snapchat post.

The mother-of-two jumped on the social media platform over the weekend and wrote a sentence that reads as follows:

It’s funny when people say they wanna be great but sleep until 3pm etc!

Chyna included a crying-face emoji with the message, which you can see for yourself here:

mocking rob

How do we know for certain that Chyna is addressing her latest baby daddy with this Snapchat post? We don't.

But the reality star has often taken issue with Rob's lazy lifestyle.

Especially as she's spent the last couple months getting herself up early to feed her baby daughter and to shed her pesky baby weight.

It's also worth remembering that Blac Chyna had her Instagram account hacked* in December.

(*Maybe. Or perhaps she just pretended as if this happened in order to garner a few headlines for herself and her lover.)

Among the private messages that were leaked at the time was an email she sent to a friend in which Chyna referred to Rob as "lazy, fat, and insecure."

Blac Chyna, King and Dream

This has been a fairly common refrain for those close to Rob; his siblings have often castigated Kardashian for his attitude and his weight.

Yes, Rob is battling Diabetes. But he often does a lazy job battling this illness and has tipped the scale at over 300 pounds on more than one occasion.

Aside from the Snapchat message above, Chyna shared a number of adorable pictures on Sunday of herself and her two kids, Dream and King.

We've shared them above and below and you may notice that one person is missing from these images:

Yup, Rob Kardashian.

Blac Chyna, Son

Chyna looks very happy and goofy and silly in these photos, so it's hard to say if she and Rob are once again having issues.

But it does seem odd that she would not include her fiance in such precious family time, don't you think?

Chyna and Rob celebrated their one-year anniversary last month.

"1 year down lol woohoooooo happy anniversary babbbbbbiiiiiiiieeeeeee," Rob captioned a video he posted online in honor of the occasion.

And while that doesn't sound like something someone would say if they are actually excited to be spending time with someone else ... who are we to say?

We'll just assume it was some accidentally poor phrasing on Rob's part, making it sound like he completed year one of a jail sentence.

Blac Kisses Rob!

The guy isn't exactly known for his eloquence.

Or for his good hygiene.

Or for his stable personality.

We're not entirely sure what Rob Kardashian is known for, now that we think of it.

His last name. That's pretty much it.

Relive the ups, downs, ups and many more downs of Rob and Chyna's relationship below:

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