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Don’t ever cross Erika Girardi. 

That was something the became pretty clear to Dorit Kemsley on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 5, as Erika reeled in the aftermath of Dorit claiming that her husband got a glimpse of her nether regions. 

Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 5 Online
Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 5 Online

Erika seemed to think that Dorit was making the whole thing up for attention and she decided that she would need to do something to get back at her new enemy. 

Dorit decided to try and stir the pot elsewhere, so she invited Lisa Rinna over for dinner. This seemed like a standard dinner, but then Dorit and her husband started grilling Rinna about her issues with Lisa Vanderpump. 

L to the VP

They even went as far as saying that Rinna’s issues with the SUR boss could be down to her father dying. However, Rinna revealed in a confessional that there was no issue to do with her father dying. 

The final straw appeared to come when Rinna revealed that Eileen Davidson’s mother had died before the previous reunion was filmed. 

This prompted Dorit and PK to say that it was no fair to the rest of the group. Honestly, this pair are giving Vicki Gunvalson a run for her money as the biggest troublemaker. 

Lisa Rinna at 53

Rinna then turned to Eileen to reveal what went down and she was not impressed. She said she would be speaking to Dorit about it. 

After Eileen and Dorit’s beach walk hit a snag, they opted for lunch instead. Eileen cut to the chase and pulled Dorit up about the comments. 

The hilarious thing about all of it was that Dorit chose to say that she did not remember the comments. This prompted Eileen to go on the offensive. 

"You and PK may have gotten the idea that because of the deaths we experienced, that it somehow affected what happened with Lisa Vanderpump."

In a confessional, Dorit continued to claim that she did not know what Eileen was talking about. She changed her tune when Eileen pressed further. 

Dorit and Paul Kemsley Photo

In the end, Dorit acknowledged her actions, while Eileen invited her to a luncheon at Camille Grammer’s house. 

Later, Kyle Richards revealed that she wanted her husband to spend some more time with her. She felt like he had been way too invested in his company and that was putting a strain on their relationship. 

Her husband made a joke that her shopping was the issue and she did not look impressed with his comments. 

Camille Grammer on a Red Carpet

We then switched gears over to the luncheon at Camille Grammer’s house. Erika wore a pantsuit for the event and made it clear that she wore it so she did not flash anyone. 

Eileen then thought it was a good time to bring up the comments Dorit had made to Lisa Rinna. Dorit then made a pathetic comment about her not being present during the chat. 

Eileen snapped saying that’s why she wants clarification. 

Okay, that’s it for another week. What do you think will happen next?

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