Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: Will The Moms Ever Stop Fighting?

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Is Abby Lee Miller successfully bringing the ALDC back its glory days?

That was thrown into question on Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 6 when the mothers questioned Abby's true intentions when it became clear she was not keeping the weaker competitors in the ALDC. 

Maesie was worried that she was next to be given the pink slip from the team in the wake of Elliana's shocking departure. As you probably know if you watch Dance Moms online, Elliana's departure gave Maesie a second chance. 

More shockingly, Elliana was given another chance, so Abby's demands seemed more like a ruse than ever before. Abby claimed she brought them back to show that she had the power to cut whoever she wanted. 

Abby wanted to give Maesie the best chance she could in order to succeed, so she felt it was necessary to have the newbie take on a solo performance this time round in order to prove whether she could perform better. 

Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms Looking Intense Photo

Everyone seemed more excited with the choice of routines this time round. This was a stark contrast to the recent hip-hop debacle. 

Nia and Camryn were told they were going up against one another in order to show off which one of them was stronger than the other. 

Meanwhile, Holly and Camille seemed to think they were only against each other was because they were the only black girls on the team. Abby promised them that one of them could be gone if they don't step their game up. 

Abby Lee Miller is the Worst

Remember the craze of killer clowns stalking people? Yeah, well Abby thought it would be a good move to have the clowns stalk the moms from the ALDC and it was hilarious. 

Jill was quick to point out during rehearsals that the routine sucked. Ashlee did not give a damn because Brynn was getting a lot of attention. 

With Maesie's ALDC life on the line, Jamie appeared to help her daughter, but Abby could only muster, "back off, bitch" to her.

Abby Lee Miller Laying Down The Law

As the day of the competition arrived, the mothers questioned which of the girls would be cut from the ALDC. They seemed to think it would be Maesie or Camryn. 

Maesie's performance was a surprising success. It was clear she took all of the feedback on board and turned in a good show. 

In the end, Nia won first place, but Abby decided to keep the ALDC intact for at least another week because of the way the group changed things for the better. 

The moms immediately went after Camille because they did not think it was fair that if it was one of their kids at the bottom, they would have left the competition. 

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