Sherri Shepherd Warns Online Daters: My Ex-Husband Sucks!

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Note to single man around the world:

Be careful if you marry Sherri Shepherd at some point down the line.

You really will want to make sure the union lasts if you do propose.

In fact, you may want to consider what the actress and comedian has done to ex-husband Lamar Sally before you even think about getting down on one knee...

Sherri Shepherd, All Smiles

Shepherd and Sally split way back in May of 2014. There was talk at the time that Sally cheated on the former View co-host.

According to The Daily Mail at the time, Sally maintained a sexual relationship with a former girlfriend behind Shepherd's back.

This would have been painful for anyone, of course, Shepherd ended her marriage to first husband Jeff Tarpley in 2009 when she found out that he was having an affair ...

... and that his mistress was pregnant!

Things then turned especially contentious between Shepherd and Sally because they were awaiting the birth of a child at the time of their divorce.

A surrogate was carrying the baby while all this personal drama was playing out.

Sherri Shepherd Sits Down

In court documents, Sally demanded custody of the impending child, along with spousal support from Shepherd. He even requested that she pay his legal fees.

The request was turned down, however, as Shepherd was awarded custody of the little boy in April of 2015, at which time he was eight months old.

”I've gone through stuff a nasty divorce, nasty custody battle but for me, I get up and I smile. I go through it and I make it through," Shepherd said soon after this ruling was handed down.

The repercussions of the ex-couple's divorce and custody battle are still being felt, however.

Last month, Sally - who receives $6,400 monthly child support payments, fully-covered healthcare benefits and substantial life insurance policy from Shepherd - filed legal papers in a California court, asking the court to award him even more money per month from Shepherd.

The star's legal team referred to this new demand "exorbitant and absurd."

Then, just a few days ago, a judge agreed, shooting down Sally in court and actually threatening to reduce the amount of his current arrangement if he broached the topic again.

But Shepherd wasn't satisfied with this victory. She wanted more.

So she decided to post Lamar's dating profile from Black People Meet with a message to her fans... 

dating profile

"#BEWARE In court docs he says he only works 20-30 hours/wk. But his dating profile says $100k #Liar #WatchOut #Scam," she wrote on Tuesday night, along with the above photo.



Sally thinks his ex now earns upwards of $3 million per year, a $1.8 million increase from what their previous support order was based upon.

So he wants what he sees as his fair share... even though Shepherd essentially earned her raise after the pair split up.

"Never a problem helping ex financially w his son … just wanted a fair decision and not made to pay an amount borne from greed and deception," Sherri wrote on Twitter this week.

"I rest my thumbs … time to put this mimosa down and log off twitter before ex hauls me back in court for making him look like a gold digger."

Well played, Sherri Shepherd.

Well played, indeed.

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