Kylie Jenner Bathroom Selfie Closes Out 2016, Begins 2017 in Style

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Social media maven Kylie Jenner and overall national treasure wasn’t about to sit back and let the New Year come without one final selfie.

One final bathroom selfie, to be more precise.

Kylie Jenner Car Selfie

The 19-year-old, whose star continues to rise despite being a celebrity since birth for the most part, can thank Instagram for that in large part.

Her use of the social media platform to share iconic images of herself in various states of undress has been nothing short of groundbreaking.

You can count on one hand the number of people with more followers than Kylie's 80-plus million. And this is your explanation of why.

Wearing green velvet bra top and underwear on Saturday, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians staple rang in the new year in style.

“Last bathroom selfie of the year,” she wrote in the post, complete with a tongue-out emoji that sums up fans' reaction to the pic worldwide.

Gaze upon her final photo of 2016 now: 

Kylie Jenner Bathroom Selfie

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner brood has taken selfies everywhere, be it in the car, in front of a mirror or in the bathroom.

The latter seems to be a personal favorite. Of hers, and ours.

Don't expect things to be any different in 2017, either. She's not just doing thing to make tongues wag (though that certainly does occur).

Already a smart businesswoman, Jenner's nearly peerless social media presence has fueled her rise as a fashion and beauty mogul.

Those in-demand Kylie Lip Kits practically do sell themselves at this point, but only because our girl puts in work living her life in Insta.

And for that, we thank her.

Kylie Jenner Best 9

Yes, 2016 was a year to remember (or forget) for so many reasons, but for Kylie it was a good one, as commemorated by her “best nine” pics.

A popular year-end trend on Instagram, users can show off their most-liked pictures in a tidy collage, and Jenner did just that on Saturday.

Sharing a shot apparently made by someone else, the text above her best-nine collage revealed that the social media star is ... well, a star.

Kylie garnered 1,464,381,508 likes on 1,139 photos in 2016.

That's more than 4 times the U.S. population, an average of 1,285,672 likes per photo, and the equivalent of generating 4 million likes a day.

Like we said, she's been putting in work.

Kylie Jenner Bigger Ass

Obviously, she's set the online popularity bar high if she hopes to collect 1,464,381,509-plus likes in 2017, but we think she's up to the task.

Her fans are compiling collages for her at this point, so Kylie's boobs in Tyga's face are the gift that keeps on giving, and not just for the rapper.

Always self-aware and grateful for the appreciation of her massive following, Jenner gave a special shout-out to the curator of this collage.

“1 Billy,” she wrote alongside the collection. 

“Thanks for all the love this year.”

No Kylie. Thank you.

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