Jackie Evancho Album Sales Are Doing the Opposite of What Donald Trump Claims

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As previously noted, Donald Trump has failed to attract any big names to perform at his Presidential inauguration on January 20.

He claims A-Listers want to appear at the event, but he's been turning down their requests because they did "NOTHING" for Hillary Clinton are are not "real PEOPLE."

Trump has managed to secure Jackie Evancho for the inauguration, however, giving a major platform to the former America's Got Talent runner-up and significantly increasing the Google search frequency of the following question:

Who the heck is Jackie Evancho?!?

Donald Trump on New Year's Eve

She's someone who is on the rise, Trump claims.

She's a singer with a bright future whose decision to make herself front and center for The Donald's big day this month is paying off, Trump argues.

Bigly, he seems to think.

On Wednesday night, Trump once again focused on something very important via his Twitter account, touting Evancho's impressive album sales ever since she announced her inauguration participation.

"Jackie Evancho's album sales have skyrocketed after announcing her Inauguration performance," the President-Elect wrote, adding:

"Some people just don't understand the "Movement."

djt tweet

We guess not.

But other people just don't understand basic math.

Which could maybe be forgiven or ignored if one of these people was not going to become the 45th President of the United States in just a few weeks.

Because Jackie Evancho's album sales have not skyrocketed. They've done the complete opposite of skyrocket.

They've plummeted. In bigly fashion.

To be specific, Evancho has fallen 41 spots on the Billboard 200 in just a week:

jackie sales

Now, we don't mean to heap criticism on a 16-year old or to highlight her failure. Really, we don't.

We can understand the bind she was in, unsure how to propel her career to the next level and figuring that a prominent spot at a Presidential inauguration was too tempting to pass up.

That's fine. We get it.

And it's far more disturbing to the safety of the United States when Trump is lying about Russian hacking and CIA intelligence briefings than when he's lying about the success or failure of a particular artist.

But still.

Come on!

Is Trump unaware that Billboard and other outlets actually track album sales? That this was such a ridiculously blatant misleading of the public because it was so easy to fact-check?

We've spent far too long trying to get inside Donald Trump's brain already here, haven't we?

Jackie Evancho for Project Sunshine

At this point, it should be clear that anyone trying to make sense out of anything Trump does is wasting is or her time.

As actual successful singer Bruce Springsteen recently said, we should be spending far more time being afraid of what Trump may do and take whatever steps we can to prevent it.

Call your Congressman. Attend a rally. Get out and vote in the mid-term elections next year.

Reporters, slam Trump as a liar every single time he lies.

And Jackie Evancho? Just keep your head down and sing your heart out. 

We feel for you. But this is not going to help your career, no matter what Trump seems to believe.

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