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In what will come as a complete and total shock to absolutely no one, Ivanka Trump has found herself in some hot water for being completely and totally insensitive and tone-deaf.

Hey, it’s basically the family business at this point, right?

Ivanka, who once sat atop her giant pile of money and advised others to take unpaid internships and "make it work," shared this photo on Saturday night:

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner in Formal Wear

So that’s Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, all dressed up and ready to go to some fancy gala on Saturday night.

And that’s fine, right? Sometimes the president’s daughter will do that sort of thing.

But the issue is that she shared this photo right at the time when thousands upon thousands of people were gathering to protest Donald Trump’s now infamous Muslim Ban.

And to flaunt her wealth, her comfort, and her privilege while others were unfairly being denied entry into the country … it just didn’t sit well with a lot of people.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Pic

As always, those people took to the comments to make their outrage known.

"This is disgusting," one person wrote. "Are you for real? Is this a joke?"

Because one of the issues with this photo, as one person points out, is that Ivanka is "Looking good in the Capitol City while others are fleeing for their lives to our great country. Only to be blocked by your father."

"You are having fun while a five year old got detained and separated from his mother because of your crazy father," another added. "You are not a human. You are a monster."

Another issue, according to yet another commenter, is that "You have so much influence over your father’s decisions, yet instead of taking action, you post Instagram pics."

Ivanka Trump Models

"So disappointed in your insensitivity," another wrote. "You should know better. Post pics of your amazing life all you want but not during such a heartbreaking time for so many. It makes you appear totally disconnected and even callous."

Others (seriously, a lot of people were pissed) took issue with Ivanka’s dress. Not because it was surely stupidly expensive, but because it just doesn’t look all that great.

"Your dress is almost as tacky as you," wrote one fashion critic, while countless others compared the dress to aluminum foil, duct tape, or garbage bags.

But while so many people had problems with the photo, several were quick to quick to compliment her.

"Beautiful — hope you enjoy a great evening out you deserve it! You are all doing a wonderful job!" wrote one clearly delusional Instagram user.

Ivanka Trump Selfie

Others offered some pretty great backhanded compliments, like "Wow. You look great. You’re the spawn of a bigot."

At the end of the day, yes, it was remarkably insensitive for Ivanka to share a photo like that during a time like this.

But she’s never going to understand that. So save your outrage, friends, for whatever the president does next.