Gisele Bundchen Celebrates Tom Brady's 7th Super Bowl Appearance on Instagram

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Okay, so this year's NFL playoffs didn't offer much in the way of excitement.

In fact, they offered some of the most boring games in recent memory, with an average margin of victory of 17.5.

Coming on the heels of a season-long ratings slump and competing with the end of democracy as we know it, the playoffs didn't occupy as large of a place in the nation's attention as they have in years past.

But don't tell that to Gisele Bundchen, who's understandably psyched about the prospect of her husband making NFL history by winning a fifth Super Bowl.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Super Bowl Selfie

The Brazilian was on hand for last night's blow-out victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and she was in quite the celebratory mood afterward.

Gisele was in attendance with son Benjamin, and she was reportedly all smiles as she interacted with fans and other players' families.

She captioned the pic below, "Benny stopping the Steelers!!!"

Benjamin Brady Photo

We imagine after the pic was taken, Ben turned around and called Antonio Brown an assh-le.

Anyway, this new, bubbly Gisele is a far cry from the Gisele of 2012 who was slammed for blaming Brady's teammates following the patriots Super Bowl loss against the New York Giants.

The victory is probably made even sweeter by the fact that the past year hasn't been an easy one in the Bundchen-Brady household.

We should qualify that by saying it was a tough year by the standards of bajillionaires with the physical attributes of actual gods.

The season got off to a rough start after a judge upheld Brady's "delfategate" suspension, forcing the 39-year-old to sit out the first four weeks of the season. 

Tom Brady With Gisele Bundchen

The Pats performed admirably even without Tom, reminding the world once again that Bill Belichick's time spent studying football instead of smoking weed with Jeb Bush has paid off.

Amidst all the drama, there was talk of Brady and Bundchen getting divorced, and Tom even got mixed up in the Ben Affleck cheating scandal.

(You don't rat on ya fackin' bros in Bah-ston, bro.)

But none of the accusations or controversies have been enough to keep Brady from his seventh Super Bowl.

A win would all but secure the living legend's GOAT status ... especially if he sports his giant coat on the sidelines.

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