Celebrity Apprentice Recap: A Reversal of Fortune

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Did Team Prima manage to beat out Team Arete?

That was one of the more pressing questions on the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Team Prima realized they were losing their ladies quickly after the loss of Snooki. 

Making Candy on Celebrity Apprentice

The teams met up at the Peterson Automotive Museum to be briefed on their next task. Both teams were in charge of creating a full photo campaign for Kawasaki motorcycles. 

Kyle was named the project manager for Team Prima, while Carson was the manager for Team Arete. 

There was some confusion over what the men were actually doing, but it seemed like they were planning on using naked drag queens for their pictures. 

Kyle stepped back from giving ideas to the team because her most recent ones only got the team in trouble. Brooke decided to call in her husband for a photo shoot as the face of the campaign. 

The New Celebrity Apprentice Cast

However, tensions flared when David worried that he would not look masculine enough if he had his picture taken on the back of a bike. Is this dude for real?

In the boardroom, Gemma told Team Prima that David deciding at the last minute to sit at the front of the motorbike ruined their campaign. 

Team Arete won... again!

Kyle was upset that her team lost again and quizzed Patrick about what went wrong for them, but he was quick to point out that this was the third time she had cost her team a win. 

Kyle Richards Heads To Her Beverly Hills Store

Kyle took Brooke and Porsha with her back into the boardroom. It was definitely odd that she opted to choose them when you consider the fact that the pair contributed a lot. 

After a huge argument about who was at faults, Kyle was terminated. 

Arnold grew concerned about the women losing pretty much every competition and decided that it was time for the teams to be changed up. 

Vince, Chael and Carson joined up with Lisa and Porsha, while Brooke and Laila joined Jon, Boy George, Matt and Ricky. 

The teams were then told they would create a candy, and the aim was to sell the most. Team Prima were quick to start selling, but Team Arete were concerned about the quality of the product. 

Dorit and Paul Kemsley Photo

Team Arete was struggling, but then PK and Dorit showed up from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with $80,000. 

In the end, Team Prima eked out the win by making over $378,000. 

Ricky refused to accept defeat and chose Jon and Laila to return to the boardroom. This was the first time this season that the right people were all in the boardroom. 

After much back and forth, Arnold was quick to reveal he could not get over the fact that Jon only sold $500 of products and he was terminated. 

They really are dropping like flies on this show. 

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