T.J. Miller Beats the Crap Out of Donald Trump Supporter, Isn't Helping

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Actor T.J. Miller - perhaps best known for his role on the HBO sitcom Silicon Valley - is currently on a press tour for his new film, Office Christmas Party.

In seems that in addition to being a comic actor on the rise, T.J. is also an outspoken critic of President-elect Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, it seems that after a few drinks he sometimes succumbs to the sort of violent, politically-charged rage that members of the alt-right wake up in every day.

T.J. Miller is Bloody

On Thursday night, T.J. attended the GQ Men of the Year party, where we assume he received the top prize for Achievement in Having Something to Promote, and where - no joke - he appears to have pierced his own ear with a safety pin.

Anyway, he was picked up by an Uber driver at the conclusion of what sounds like a seriously boozy evening.

Apparently, the topic of politics came up (Pro tip: It's always a great idea to talk about politics with strangers, especially late at night when you've been drinking), and things got ugly quickly.

Not surprisingly, there are two very different versions of the story, but accounts concur that eventually T.J. smacked the driver, and predictably, his gesture was not well-received.

T.J. Miller is Partying

The car was already stopped at T.J.'s house, and the driver got out and made a citizen's arrest, which is apparently something that actually happens in real life.

Police say the driver had no visible injuries, and that the situation is "he said/he said," according to TMZ.

So in all likelihood, T.J. won't face any charges, but considering neo-Nazis are boycotting Rogue One just for daring to show non-villainous brown people on screen, we're guessing this story won't help Christmas Party's numbers in the coveted white supremacist demo.

In all seriousness, though, we understand that tensions are running high these days, the country is more divided than ever, etc.

T.J. Miller: Holiday Spirit

But if you're tempted to lay your hands on someone because of their political beliefs, 99.9999% of the time, you're the assh-le.

The only exception we can think of is if they just announced their allegiance to the I'm About to Hit You First Party.

We understand it's more frustrating than ever to go out in the world and interact with other humans, but there are ways to affect positive change, and resorting to violence just reflects poorly on your side.

So don't smack any Uber drivers.

But don't go taking justice into your own hands either.

We know it's on basic cable around the clock these days, but life ain't Home Alone, and your ass ain't Kevin McAllister.

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