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Erika Girardi really needs to stop showing off her lack of underwear to men. 

That’s the conclusion the housewives came to on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 4 and it resulted in one of the most hilarious episodes of the entire series. 

Erika Girardi Image

We kicked things off with Dorit fuming about Erika crossing the line and flashing her husband, but she opted to let Erika think she had forgotten about it as she tried to come up with a plan to get revenge. 

Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd pressed on with their campaign to end cruelty to dogs. If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you will know just how serious the pair are about the cause. 

Some people hate on reality TV, but there’s no denying that Lisa V is using her prominence to shed light on some causes that the masses are not aware of. 

Her pal, Lisa Rinna was busy, too. She was busy on QVC selling apparel and managed to sell over $500,000 worth in 24 hours. That’s a lot of money. Right?

Lisa Rinna at 53

Later, Dorit met up with Eileen and Lisa R for some drinks and quickly got talking about Erika’s big underwear drama. Lisa R was quick to point out that it’s best if Dorit just got over it. 

Eileen thought there was no way Erika did it on purpose, but Dorit could not help but think there was something odd about all of it. 

Talk about Erika’s lack of underwear extended into Dorit’s shopping trip with Kyle. Kyle sided with the others who believed she did not do it on purpose. 

Dorit then bought Erika some filthy underwear, but she claimed it was for a joke. 

The women then met up at an escape room, but Erika was less than impressed with the gift. 

"I’m not really happy that Dorit’s husband caught a glimpse up my skirt. Why wouldn’t you tell me?" she asked the camera.

"The whole thing is a little weird."

Erika then revealed that she was annoyed Dorit had spoken to all the other women about the incident and thought it was not the nicest way to deal with it. 

Erika Jayne Hot Photo

When they went to dinner, the talk was still very much about Erika flashing her goodies. Erika then snapped and said that Dorit’s husband was obviously looking anyway. 

Dorit then tried to get Erika to stop talking about it and said they will talk about it away from the group, but that did not explain why Dorit kept going on about it until that point. 

Is there ever a dull moment on this series?

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