Tamar Braxton: God Saved Me From The Real!

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Tamar Braxton has left The Real a while back, but there has been very little information about what went down that paved the way for her departure. 

Basically, all we were told was that that she was planning on focusing on music. It is definitely plausible. She does have a beautiful voice that would be wasted on daytime forever. 

Tamar Braxton Looks Great

Yesterday, December 19, Tamar appeared as a guest on T.D Jakes and opened up about what made her depart the talk show. 

"That was just devastating to me because that was my baby. I loved it. I loved the women on the show. I loved showing up at work every single day. I loved interviewing other people because I've always been on the other side," she explained to the audience.

"That is something that definitely broke my heart, probably my spirit."

"But the good thing is I got a chance to pay attention to my spirit and that's something I never really did before."

Moving on from a talk show she devoted so much time to will have been no easy task, but would she ever consider returning to the show?

"I would have to really pray about it and think about it because at the end of the day I have to pay attention to why God removed me from that situation," she shared.

"I believe he removed me from that situation to protect me from that situation."

Tamar Braxton Red Carpet Photo

Leaving The Real was definitely a huge shock for fans of the show because until that point, the feud rumors never amounted to much. 

As is the norm, when someone leaves a big gig, there are always rumors of feuds and such. 

Tamar was very thankful about being part of the show. 

"I just learned that I have to take the good with the bad and I did learn that things are only for a season… I didn't really learn that until now," she explained.

"That situation, the relationships that I built at that time, that was just for that season and I have to be grateful for that season and I am and I'm happy that I had the chance to be in that seat and situation, but I got to take the things that I learned in that season and move on with the rest of my life."

After the show aired, Tamar took to Instagram to reveal that it was time for all the feud rumors to stop and it was time to move on. 

Here is what she said:

This was my answer... I was only joking 🙄.....which I guess is the OLD word for shade) ..Like that's not what I would normally do🙄...FYI...I don't wish ANYONE harm, bad luck, or cancelations, but I truly wish the girls, AND the real good luck and may God smile upon you! NOW... Can we put the "so called feud" to rest?? ❤️ ya!! I'm not sitting at home crying... God is GOOD🙌🏽 thanks @bishopjakes and @tdjakesshow for having our family and being helpful and amazing to us as u always are😍 it HURTS my heart that people would call you a liar and or messy!!!..u are an AMAZING person, father, talk show host and Bishop and it's not FAIR that people are trying to tarnish the man of God that you TRULY are over a tv show...#imsorry #notfair #neitherisfavor😜 #bfv #t&v coming soon❤️(I'm apologizing to the bishop fOr some of YALL!!!...NOT for ME being ME??)

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