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Is it really all over between Kody Brown and Robyn Brown?

It depends on who you ask.

Last week, we were among the first outlets to write that Robyn was finally getting out of this unhealthy relationship and filing for divorce from the controversial Sister Wives patriarch.

This news didn’t come as a giant shock to those who watch Sister Wives online, considering the dwindling presence of Robyn on the TLC reality series last season.

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Pic
Photo via TLC

According to Radar Online, Robyn has simply grown tired of her role both on the program and in her marriage and has decided to move on.

“She is leaving the first week in January to go back to Utah with the kids and be with her family to figure out the next step in her life," an anonymous source alleged to that celebrity gossip site.

Simple enough, right?

Sensible enough on her part, right? 

Especially when you consider that Radar also claims that Robyn thinks her children "aren’t being treated well."

But while Robyn has remained silent on this rumor, both Kody Brown and Meri Brown have jumped on Twitter to deny its validity. Strongly.

First, there was Meri back on December 19.

She wrote that she simply dies of laughter every time she reads a false rumor about her family, stating simply that it’s probably a "lie" if you didn’t hear it from a member of the Browns.

Meri Tweet

Note the word "probably," of course.

This isn’t the most strident denial we’ve ever read.

Kody, however, makes a more powerful case in favor of his marriage to Robyn.

On December 23, two days after we published the claim that one of his Sister Wives was leaving him, the head of this effed up family responded to a follower who wondered about his marital status.

“I can’t handle the heartbreak,” wrote @akwilson, referring to talk of Kody and Robyn splitting up and really needing to get a life if she was serious.

In response, Kody included Robyn’s Twitter handle and wrote:

“Not true! [Robyn] and I just went to dinner and shopping."

Kody Tweet

Who knows what to believe at this point.

Talk of strife between Kody and Robyn is not exactly knew.

Heck, talk of strife between Kody and all of his other halves is not exactly new.

It isn’t easy being one of four women and four mothers in the same household. There’s only so much of Kody to go around, and that’s before you even consider that Kody may just suck as a human being.

Heck, back in November, the rumor mill didn’t churn around Kody and Robyn.

It churned around Kody and Meri, with insiders saying these two were breaking up in light of Meri’s crazy catfishing scandal.

Forget the Kardashians. The Browns have been at the center of the tabloid universe for a number of months, as one cover after another has screamed about fights, divorces and everything in between.

Remember this Life & Style report?

Sister Wives Cover
Photo via Life & Style

Or this Life & Style allegation?

Sister Wives LIES!

Or this Life & Style bombshell?

Sister Wives Divorce Cover
Photo via Life & Style

Hmmm…. okay. We guess it’s really just been one tabloid that has made a recent living off Sister Wives and its many supposed controversies.

But still. All does not seem especially well for these TLC stars, does it?

Do you think a Kody-Robyn divorce is imminent? Should it be? Should these women get the as far away as possible from this weird situation?

Or should they stick it out in the name of ratings, fame and wealth true love?