Sister Wives Season 11 Episode 2 Recap: Who is to Blame?

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Last night on TLC's Sister Wives Season 11 Episode 2, Janelle and Meri Brown went to a therapist in an effort to mend their relationship.

Easier said than done, as you might expect.

Those who watch Sister Wives online know that while the wives have their issues, Kody Brown is at the root of all the family drama. 

How did he respond here?

We picked up with Janelle, who was planning a bridal shower for her daughter, Maddie.

In true Sister Wives fashion, she had no idea about modern bridal showers, but that did not mean she was without help. 

Maddie's best friend and Robyn's sister joined in the fun as they had some great ideas that would make sure Maddie had the best bridal shower. 

When Janelle learned that some of the people were going to bring lingerie for Maddie, she made her feelings known as she believed it was not appropriate with all of the family being there. 

A Sister Wives Pic

The plan?

Two tables. One with classy gifts and one with not so classy gifts.

It was the best way to make sure things went to plan and there was no drama. 

The sister wives were nervous at the prospect of the lewd gifts, mostly due to the fact they had all raised her at some point or another. 

Meanwhile, Kody Brown was not impressed at the prospect of Mykelti getting married so soon after Maddie because he worried about what affect the wedding would have on his finances. 

Mykelti Brown and Antonio "Tony" Padron

Coupled with the fact that Mykelti has barely dated Tony, Kody believed there was something not quite right about what was going on with in the relationship. 

Elsewhere, Mariah was worried about what was going to happen to her in the wake of Meri's catfishing situation.

Surprisingly, Kody spoke to her about it in detail. 

Kody Brown on TLC

Kody then said it would make sense for Mariah and Meri to hit therapy in order to try and hash things out.

Mariah was defiant and we got a resounding no from her, but Kody knew she would cave eventually. 

After all of that, Mykelti and Tony decided to have a longer engagement to ensure things were going to be good in their relationship before getting married. 

Kody Brown and His Better Halves

Janelle was worried Mykelti's looming wedding could overshadow Maddie's, so she was happy it was put on hold. 

When will they get married?

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