Mariah's World Recap: A Vision of Love, British Accents

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Mariah's World, which premiered last night, sought to answer a time-honored question pondered by generations of music and gossip fans:

What is it like to live in Mariah Carey's world?

Well, on Mariah's World Season 1 Episode 1, viewers witnessed the pop singing great and renowned diva grapple with many hurdles.

Professionally, and obviously, personally.

We kicked things off with Mariah introducing us to her world in the most bizarre fashion. Seriously, it was awful. 

She dressed up as "Bianca Storm" and started lifting the lid on the life of the singing sensation, while speaking in a British accent. 

"I can’t describe Mariah.... The world doesn’t know how awful she really is."

Mariah Carey in a Bra

As we all know already, Mariah and James Packer are no more, but the episode was showing us just how the cracks started to appear in the relationship. 

Their schedules were just all over the place, so it's clear the show was always going to foreshadow the end of the relationship. 

Mariah was vocal to her management about having a lot on her plate with her tour and wedding. It was clear Mariah was probably going to have to delay the wedding to be able to do the tour. 

It sucks, but that's just what happens sometimes. 

Mariah Carey Body

If you thought things could not get anymore ridiculous, Stella interviewed someone to join Mariah's team and made the woman promise not to be in a relationship for the first year. 

The woman was in a relationship. 


A very odd thing about the episode was that Mariah reconnected with Bryan Tanaka, who just so happens to be her current boyfriend. 

Mariah and Bryan were spotted getting hot and heavy in Hawaii days ago. It's great we're getting to see how their relationship started and all, but it kind of sucks there's going to a lot of focus on her ill-fated relationship with James in the mix, too. 

Hopefully the James stuff is over with in the next few weeks, so we can move on and get to know what's the script with Mariah and Bryan. 

They seem like a much more interesting pairing. Right?

Mariah's tour then kicked off in not so stellar fashion. Her nanny packed her passport in a suitcase, causing a three-hour delay for the opening of her tour in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Mariah Carey Sparkles

“I’m very, very, very stressed about this whole thing.… We don’t have costumes, we don’t have a rehearsal.”

The new assistant then struggled to get Mariah's Apple TV working, forcing Mariah into floods of tears. 

Yeah, we're sitting here wondering what the heck we just watched, too. 

"Mariah's World" was an apt title for the series. People have been wondering what her life is like, so she's giving them a first hand account of it. 

It's as ludicrous as you would expect!

What did you think of it all? 

Sound off below!

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