Nick Viall: I Found Love On The Bachelor!

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Nick Viall has finally found love (and if you keep up to speed with The Bachelor spoilers, you probably already know who wins his heart). 

Spoilers aside, after three failed attempts at finding love on reality TV, Nick personally confirmed that he has hit the romantic jackpot. 
Nick Viall Bachelor Poster

In a recent interview, the 36-year-old software sales executive revealed that he "definitely found love" this time 'round.

Mostly. He chose his words carefully.

“Whether it’s on The Bachelor or in life, I don’t think I’ll ever give up on the idea of finding love,” he continued.  

That's still pretty telling. Right?

Nick as The Bachelor

Now, we know producers will have been clamoring for Nick to find love on his latest attempt, but could we be in for an almighty switcheroo?

On the After the Final Rose special, perhaps, or even the finale itself?

This is The Bachelor, and we all know just how much Mike Fleiss and the rest of the producers like to keep us on our toes.

With Nick confirmed to find love on the upcoming season, it will no doubt leave viewers wondering who the lucky woman is. 

Then again, it's hard to imagine any of them are lucky winning Nick's heart.

Nick V. The Bachelor

It's doubtful that Nick will stay with whoever wins the show for very long. 

He does not exactly have the best track record with the ladies, and sources say he's been bitten by the fame bug in a big way.

Or maybe he's just unlucky in love and this time really will be different?

Time will tell, obviously, and the season kicks off on January 2.

The rumblings so far definitely seem to confirm Nick does indeed find love, but whose to say the person that wins the show is the person he is still with right now?

Nick Viall Appears on ABC's 'Good Morning America'

On top of the new details about the upcoming season, ABC has lifted the lid on a Christmas themed promo for the show. 

Make no mistake, there's no footage of the season ahead.

It's literally just Christmas decorations with a hint of Nick doing what he does best: smiling. 

It's that very smile that will probably compel the contestants from quitting the show when they get to know him. 

There was much controversy when it was revealed earlier this year that Nick was named the new suitor of the hit ABC series. 

Nick Viall, The Bachelor Star

The controversy stemmed from the fact that Luke Pell was offered the role beforehand, and even flew out to film an intro video for it.

Chase McNary and Robbie Hayes, also from JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, were reportedly in the running before Nick.

What do you think about Nick most likely getting engaged? 

Sound off below!

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