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Last night’s Mariah’s World Season 1 Episode 3 featured our girl arrive late for a concert for reasons that left her fans far from amused.

Her fans in person, that is. On TV, this was pretty funny.

Mariah Carey Has Some Diva Demands

Mariah Carey has always had that diva reputation, so she decided to do something that would elevate that one step further to kick off the latest episode of her surprisingly decent E! reality series. 

On a phone call to her agents, Mariah went forward with a crazy plan to trick her agents. 

“I wanna have these animals. They’re going extinct. I want them to be at the wedding.… It will get more press for them, and more people will donate money.”

Okay, so how would it be possible to have extinct animals at her wedding?

Did Mariah expect her team to go in search of a time portal so they could bring these animals into the present?

Her agents were shocked, but they were even more shocked that Mariah was just joking.

Has Mariah seriously made worse demands than that one? 

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After that, Mariah was upset about her hair during a performance and realized that the new hairstylist was just not doing well, so she presented Stella with a shock decision. 

She wanted Stella to rehire her old hairstylist, Danielle.

Stella was not happy about this, but she knew Mariah was not about to roll over and give up. 

Later, Mariah and her team were on a private jet to Luxembourg when disaster struck.

No one knew there was a one-hour time difference from London in Luxembourg. 

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This presented a huge issue because it meant that Mariah was going to be late for her concert.

Everyone on the plane was in disbelief.

After so many years in the business, you would think Mariah’s team would know how to check the time in other countries. 

When Mariah arrived on the stage almost 90 minutes late, the crowd were annoyed at waiting so long for her, but how did Mariah react to this?

With sass, of course. 

“They like it when I’m late — they think it’s diva-ish.… I’d rather do my best to get there and give them a good experience.”

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Watch Mariah’s World Season 1 Episode 3 Online

If you watch Mariah’s World online, you probably already know that Mariah is actually pretty down to earth. It’s crazy. 

Later, it was time for Bryan to get some more screen time. He got that in the form of being asked to pop out of a cake at Mariah’s "anniversary party."

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Yeah, Mariah is not on board with making birthdays about getting old, but Bryan seems to be smitten with Maria, even if he is not meant to be dating her at this point in the show. 

“I’m really hoping that on her anniversary night, I can have a conversation with MC.… I might have to just steal her for a second.”

Right, we’re VERY intrigued to find out how all of this plays out. 

What did you think of the latest episode?

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