Jennifer Lawrence SLAMS James Kennedy: Get Off The Planet!

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Katniss Everdeen is a HUGE fan of Vanderpump Rules. Well, her portrayer, Jennifer Lawrence is. If we ever get the chance to ask Katniss, we will. 

26-year-old Lawrence chatted about all things Vanderpump Rules on Monday night when she sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. 

Jennifer Lawrence Attends 2016 AMD British Academy Britannia Awards

The actress confirmed she was a huge fan of the show, but some of the characters were not quite up her street and she made it known. 

The cast of the hit Bravo series had recorded questions for Lawrence to answer for them. It was a good move to promote the show, we guess, but will it be getting publicity for all the wrong reasons?

Quite possible. 

When talking about James Kennedy, it was pretty clear that Jennifer was not a fan of people who act like jerks

“I have a serious reaction to entitled, worthless little creeps, especially ones who are disrespectful to Lisa Vanderpump," the Hunger Games actress revealed. 

We Are Deffo Boning!!

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you will no doubt be feeling the same way about James. The dude just does one questionable thing after another. 

His most recent drama paved the way for Lisa to give him the pink slip, but do you all remember the first time he was fired? It was for fighting with Tom Sandoval. 

You're 31 Years Old!

Lisa let him go after he was chanting that his job was secure because Lisa was tight with his parents. Lisa had actually only met his parents once and gave him the job because they asked her to.

That was when it was confirmed that James was not the nicest of people. He was so damn two-faced. We're willing to bet that Jennifer was clapping her hands like crazy when he got fired. 

When the cast asked Jennifer questions, she had much to say in her answers. Her first one even involved another dig at James. 

Kristen Doute in Utah

Kristen Doute's question exhibited the best response when she asked Lawrence who she would fire from SUR, and why. 

“It already happened. I would do it to what’s his name? James. The guy I hate," Lawrence quipped. 

Meanwhile, Jax Taylor opted for one of the most generic questions on the planet, asking her which was her favorite and least favorite installment in the Hunger Games franchise. 

Yawn. No wonder the ladies get bored of him super quick. 

Stassi Schroeder Shrugs

Stassi Schroeder decided to ask what Lawrence's best kiss was in 2016, and she had the most perfect response. 

“If you kiss me before the New Year, it will be you, Stassi!”

Grab your coat, Stassi, you've pulled!

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