Farrah Abraham Blames MTV For Valerie Fairman's Death

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As you've likely heard by now, former 16 and Pregnant star Valerie Fairman passed away yesterday at the age of 23.

Fairman's cause of death has been revealed by those close to her as an overdose, though no autopsy has been conducted as of yet.

In the hours after news of her death went public, Fairman's former MTV colleagues took to social media to express their condolences.

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Not surprisingly, the strangest tribute belonged to Farrah Abraham, who lamented Fairman's death in rambling, nonsensical fashion on Instagram:

"I feel so heartfelt with sadness of the struggles Valerie was going through I deeply am saddened by this tragedy and I wish that others around Valerie could have helped her and I pray nothing but protection, love and peace to her daughter through this very confusing holiday time," Farrah wrote.

"Only 23 we lost a very beautiful young mom with the world ahead of her. Surround yourself with other who will truly care and be a great influence be careful."

We're used to baffling word salads from Ms. Abraham, but unfortunately, in this case, she seems to have been encouraged by the response to her message, as she's still offering her two cents on Fairman's passing.

Farrah Abraham for MTV

And like everything else about Farrah, her insights are only getting more ridiculous with time.

Asked by TMZ today if she feels that Valerie's reality TV stardom exacerbated her substance abuse issues, Farrah bit the hand that feeds her in a big way, pointing the finger sqaurely at her MTV bosses:

“I think that played a part,” Farrah told the website.

“From jail to drug addiction to whatever else that was said, I really wish she was supported in a better way.”

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It's worth noting that Farrah and Valerie were not friends, and she her speculation about what may have triggered Fairman's overdose is completely baseless, but if you thought that would stop her from running her mout, you don't know Farrah:

“I honestly feel like it’s not a positive thing,” said of the reality TV franchise that made her famous. “I don’t think it helps the economy further.

It really adds a lot of more unplanned pregnancies and a lot of failed relationships, and that’s not really what we’re trying to show. And it’s not really done in a positive, effective way that I think we all started out doing.

"And that’s just the honest to God’s truth. And it’s really hurtful to me to see what I am seeing.”

The teen pregnancy rate has actually been falling for decades, and in recent years, it's plummeted more sharply than even the optimistic analysts expected, but Farrah is a Trump supporter, which means she's not one to let facts interfere with her argument.

We look forward to her telling us more about the psyche of someone she barely knows.

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