Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 5 Recap: New Beginnings

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Abby Lee Miller is getting sick of people slacking in the ALDC and has opted to cut people from the team if they screw up. It's a good idea to create tension, but Abby has publicly slammed producers for making her do it. 

That's why the arrival of a new girl on Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 5 was a bitter pill to swallow because it was clear the producers were adding them to spice things up. 

Kind of The Worst

We kicked things off with the girls celebrating that fourth win in a row. It's crazy to think how poorly this team performed for much of Dance Moms Season 6 and now their back at the top of their game. 

Abby introduced a new girl to the team. Her name was Maesi and she seemed like a nice enough girl, but it was evident the moms were concerned that this new girl could outshine all the other girls. 

Maesi was revealed to be one a one-week trial, therefore adding a decent narrative for the character. One mistake and she's out the door. 

Brynn, Camryn and Kalani came top on the pyramid for their recent success in competitions. This was expected, but it still caused a clear divide among the girls. 

Abby Celebrates

Brynn was told she would be taking the lead, giving her a huge confidence boost. 

When rehearsals kicked off, the moms got to know Maesi's mother, Jamie, who lifted the lid on what she did for a living. She embalmed people. After that, you could pretty much cut the tension with a knife. 

Things got crazier when Jamie revealed that her brother and uncle were murdered and that she had to work on their dead bodies. The moms took a liking to her despite all of the drama. 

When Maesi struggled with her performance, the mothers took their frustrations to Jamie. None of them wanted her there in case she became better than their daughters. 

However, some of the mini mothers revealed without Maesi, the minis could be cut from the team all together. This prompted the others to change their stance on her. 

The Moms are not Impressed on Dance Moms

Abby revealed that she hoped Brynn would be the new leader of the team. This was kind of obvious based on how the young girl was going from strength-to-strength pretty much every week. 

Jill and Kira debated whether Brynn had what it took to become the biggest person on the team. Meanwhile, Yolanda and Stacey continued to cause problems when they said that Maesi was a terrible dancer. 

The Junior Elite and the Mini moms bickered over Maesi, which obviously put some strain on Jamie because she quit her day job for it. 

As the day of the competition arrived, Stacey and Yolanda continued to be obnoxious by wearing huge bows to trash Jamie some more. Jamie broke down because she was shocked at how cruel two women could be to another. 

The other mothers went to Yolanda to reveal that Elliana was a terrible dancer, but this did not faze her in the slightest. 

The Horror

As expected, Maesi's performance came in well below what Abby had hoped and it only gave Yolanda and Stacey more ammunition to use against Jamie. When it was all said and done, Maesi's first performance only won her group third place. The hip-hop number came in third, too. 

Kendall, Brynn and Kalani took first place, so all was not lost. 

Maesi was swiftly cut from the team due to her terrible performance, but the moms were not about to let this happen and Elliana was thrown under the bus for performing poorly the previous week. 

Yolanda revealed that she was done with the ALDC and ordered Abby to cut Elliana and keep Maesi. Abby decided to follow through with that plan. 

That was a crazy turn of events, but Yolanda obviously realized she was a bully and needed to do something to redeem herself. 

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