Christina El Moussa to Tarek: WE'RE OVER!

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On Flip or Flip, Christina El Moussa and Tarek El Moussa work together to fix up dilapidated house and then sell them for an impressive profit.

According to a new report, however, there will be no fixing up up the relationship between these HGTV stars.

They separated in May; they've each dated other people since then; and there's allegedly no hope at all for a reconciliation.

We send our condolences to fans who had thought otherwise.

Christina El Moussa, Husband

For most of this year, HGTV viewers simply knew Christina and Tarek as the sort of cute couple at the center of Flip or Flop.

They had two adorable young children, they teamed up to renovate houses and they took us inside the world of real estate purchasing and flipping.

Nothing less, nothing much more.

But then this fantasy relationship all came crashing down several days ago after a police report went viral in which we learned about a major falling out between the couple.

They got into some kind of fight this spring that resulted in Tarek grabbing a gun and storming off into the woods.

A frantic 911 call followed, a helicopter and many police officers were dispatched to the scene and the El Moussas were forced to acknowledge their split via a joint statement after news of this incident went public.

Broadly referencing this scary situation, Christina and Tarek said there has been an "unfortunate misunderstanding about six months ago" and that they are "committed to our kids and being the best parents we can be."

Christina El Moussa at Work

Since this unexpected separation news broke, both sides of the ex-couple have shared photos of themselves with their children on social media.

Neither has said a negative word about the other.

But multiple insiders have confirmed that Tarek dated the family nanny for a few weeks in October, while Christina is still getting it on with the family contractor, Gary Anderson.

In short, as emphasized by TMZ on Monday night, the stars are NOT getting back together.

Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

colChristina has “turned the page,” a source tells this typically-reliable celebrity gossip site.

Yes, she's still dating Anderson and seemingly happy in that relationship.

But even if she were not, Christina has no interest in rekindling any romance with her estranged husband.

Some followers may have gotten their hopes up after Christina and Tarek were spotted at Starbucks last week.

But TMZ writes this was nothing more than a friendly meet-up, two parents getting together to talk about their kids, who they co-parent and exchange on a weekly basis.

Fans should not let this amicable status give them the wrong idea, however.

Christina is "beyond the point of ever getting back with Tarek," TMZ writes.

As for the future of Flip or Flop?

HGTV has said it plans to continue airing new episodes and the couple has said it plans to keep working together in a professional capacity.

There's talk now than the latest season will finish up in 2017 and then Flip or Flop will go off the air.

But it's likely too early to make a real determination.

Tarek and Christina

If the ratings are strong, it's hard to believe the show will be canceled.

Nor should it, probably. Unlike Fixer Upper, whose success is largely owed to the chemistry between Chip and Joanna Gaines, Flip or Flop is popular because it's fun to watch people fix up a house and then try to fix it.

Is any long-time viewer really a big fan of Christina and Tarek themselves?

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