Chelsea Houska, Maci Bookout Jump Into Farrah Abraham vs. Kailyn Lowry Feud

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In a recent interview following the Teen Mom OG reunion brawl, Farrah Abraham bafflingly went after Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska.

Neither of whom are on that show.

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According to Farrah, both of the aforementioned Teen Mom 2 stars got pregnant a second time to boost their profiles and become more famous.

Kailyn responded to the comment, pointing out that both she and Chelsea got pregnant with their second children when they were in their 20s.

And in committed relationships ... and already starring on a reality show. Of course, Farrah doesn't "do" facts and logic, as we know.

So instead of replying with a reasonable counter-argument, she called Kailyn a "puppet" of the company that produces Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

In the early stages of the feud, Chelsea Houska, who is expecting her second child and first with Cole De Boer, remained silent. No longer.

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Last night, she acknowledged it for the first time, but in keeping with her reputation as the most emotionally stable mom in the franchise.

Chelsea stopped short of fully jumping into the fray and indulging in some hardcore Farrah-bashing of her own.

Asked on Twitter if she had seen what Abraham was saying in the wake of the reunion, Chelsea replied simply:

“Kail just showed me hahaha.” 

Obviously, the laugh is in reference to the absurdity of Farrah, but its worth noting that Chelsea refrained from taking any real jabs of her own.

Her father, Randy Houska, however?

Randy has a reputation for rushing to his daughter's defense, and it seems her latest dust-up has definitely caught his attention.

"#hilarious I wonder exactly which TM would do ANYTHING to be famous," Randy tweeted yesterday.

"Chelsea flies so far under the radar, @MTV forgets about her #teenmom2"

Chelsea Houska Looking Great

Farrah's been uncharacteristically quiet on social media the past 24 hours, perhaps finally sensing that she's badly outnumbered and outwitted.

Or maybe she's just regrouping, brainstorming, and spending an entire day and a half composing the ultimate take-down tweet.

We're sure we'll find out soon enough.

Based on her recent descriptions of her co-stars as "stooges," whom she'd like to "slug," we're guessing Farrah will be doubling down.

Just a hunch. Call us crazy.

Seriously, can you see her reversing her opinion of her co-stars any time soon and showing any sort of humility or apology?

M.O.M. (Made of Money)

Farrah endorsed Donald Trump for president during the 2016 campaign, and it seems she's taken a page from her political idol's book.

When it comes to social media beefs: Never surrender, no matter how insanely petty the feud, or how massive the waste of your time.

The PEOTUS would be proud if he were to watch Teen Mom OG online and observe just how absurd a human being Farrah really is.

Alas, he's too busy watching SNL.

Farrah's co-star Maci Bookout also weighed in, briefly, following Kailyn Lowry's rebuttal of Abraham, and is clearly on the same page.

Kailyn wrote, "wondering why I'm being brought up in Farrah's interviews... the rest of us support each other. Maybe she's the problem."

Maci's reply: "Common denominator."


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