Amy Schumer Shocks Dad with Best Christmas Gift EVER

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Amy Schumer is most definitely not fat.

But she is undoubtedly phat at the moment, at least in the eyes of her overwhelmed father.

The talented comedian, actress and writer has made headlines for ensuring that Christmas came a few days early for her father, surprising him with a gift that he most certainly did not see coming:

His very own farm.

Amy Schumer Close Up

We mean this literally:

His actual very own farm. The one he used to actually own.

On Monday, Schumer shared a screenshot on her Instagram account of a FaceTime conversation she had over the weekend with her dad, Gordon.

She captioned the photo with a simple sentence: “Today I bought my father’s farm back.”

But it's actually not that simple.

It's a bit more complicated and a lot more sentimental...

Amy Schumer's Father

When Schumer was just nine years old, her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. (Yes, this is where Schumer came up with the storyline in her hit movie Trainwreck, which featured Schumer's character's dad having the same illness.)

As a result the ailment, the family went bankrupt, forcing them to leave the farm she loved as a child.

Mostly loved, that is. Just not all the time.

Schumer also posted footage on her social media page of a video of herself on the farm when she was very young.

She wrote as a caption to the adorable sneak peek:

"Video from the farm when I was running away in the cornfield and my dad was taunting me because I wanted him to come with me.

"We lost the farm when we lost everything else. But today I got to buy it back for him."

Schumer has previously opened up about her father’s battle with multiple sclerosis, talking about the way in which she drew from her real-life experiences while writing the script for Trainwreck.

The actress has said that humor was a major way her family got through the most challenging times.

“In terms of my dad being sick, it was just confusing to me, especially the way MS works,” Schumer explained during her interview for ABC’s Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2015.

She added late last year:

“He was in physical pain. That’s when I kind of took the lead and took care of everybody in my family. I would keep them – I would keep everybody laughing.”

This isn't the first time Schumer has been there for her dad in an unexpected and AWESOME manner.

Earlier this year, she arranged for him to have a FaceTime conversation with "the love of his life," actress Goldie Hawn.

For real!

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And yet, somehow, through all of this, Amy Schumer haters still remain.

Just because she is not a size two? To steal a word from our embarrassing President-Elect: SAD!

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