Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: Who Got Cut?

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The drama continued to build on Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 4 when Abby announced the first round of cuts to the ALDC. 

With Abby Lee Miller beating her arch nemesis in two competitions, her desire to create a super team continued to gather momentum, but who did she cut?

We kicked things off with the ALDC reuniting to celebrate their win, but Jill seemed more ecstatic that Abby seemed be coming round to the idea that the elites are far better than the minis. 

"I think this team is complete, and I don't think we need them," Jill revealed. 

Abby then revealed that Kalani and Daviana would be taking on the solos once again. The most shocking part was that Abby told Daviana if she loses to Kalani, it could be her final performance with the ALDC. 

If that was not a big enough twist for you, Abby then lifted the lid on her plan to bring two minis back and have them compete for a spot back in the ALDC. 

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The two who returned were Elliana and Lilliana. 

When rehearsals kicked off, Daviana felt like she was being set up to fail, prompting her mother to jump to her defense and say she will speak to Abby. 

This did not sit well with Abby, who seemed certain Daviana's solo was more difficult, forcing Abby to let Daviana know that she needs to have thicker skin if she wants to make it in the dance world. 

When it came down to Elliana and Lilliana, Abby sent Lilliana home. 

Abby Lee Miller is the Worst

The moms were less than impressed about this mini joining the team due to the ALDC winning two competitions in a row without a mini in sight. 

This paved the way for a war of words between the two different parent groups. The argument meant some of the mini moms wanted to leave the group. 

At the competition, Daviana definitely performed like a pro. Abby lighting the fire under her ass definitely pushed her to perform well. 

However, Kalani's performance was considerably better than Daviana's. 

The junior mothers seemed annoyed because Elliana did not perform well in the competition. 

When the results came in, Daviana could only muster 6th place, while Kalani came in 1st. 

Abby stuck to her guns and cut Daviana from the team without so much as a second to think about it. It was definitely one of the most shocking moments of the entire series. 

If you watch Dance Moms online, you probably already know that Abby is not letting the girls slack this time round and has no compunction with cutting them. 

What did you think of the latest episode? Was Abby right to get rid of Daviana?

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