The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 Episode 18 Recap: Is Vicki Leaving?

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On The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 Episode 18, Vicki Gunvalson finally got in some serious trouble for all the drama she's caused throughout the course of the season. 

It's really been an eventful ride and and we can't quite believe how it all played out for the ladies. Who would have guessed that Vicki would even be invited to the Tamra Judge's big fitness competition?

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 Cast

Well, the strange thing about all of it was that Tamra revealed she wanted nothing to do with Vicki, so it kind of made us wonder why the heck she was invited in the first place.

Vicki seemed to think that everything would be better with time, but she learned the hard way that there was going to be consequences for her actions. 

As you probably know if you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, Vicki struggles to make apologies. She just can't seem to find a way to apologize about anything. 

It's pretty sad, but that's just who she is. It came as no surprise that she wrote Shannon Beador a card, asking to just forget all of the drama.

Vicki Gunvalson Upfront Celebration

She couldn't get to grips with why she was the only one who wanted to move on. 

Maybe it's because everyone knows her apologies mean absolutely nothing. 

At the competition, Tamra practically ran off when she laid eyes on Vicki. It was clear as day that Vicki was only invited to cause some more friction.

Shannon was not impressed by Vicki's card and general lack of enthusiasm. 

Then, Tamra, Shannon and Heather found time to say some harsh things about the other ladies. Vicki quickly noticed this and was annoyed. 

However, she was quick to try and say that she didn't care about it. 

Meghan King Edmonds then strolled over to join Shannon, Tamra and Heather. She wanted to know why the ladies were yet to receive an apology from Kelly, but she also took the time to back Kelly up. 

Meghan E.

Tamra then started handing out T-shirts to the ladies. This further proved just how intent Tamra was on causing drama. She gave Vicki one that basically called her a liar. 

Vicki knew what she was trying to do and played along with it just to get at her. 

Kelly took this opportunity to actually apologize to Shannon for all of the drama, but she kind of started trying to throw Vicki under the bus so that she got away with it. 

With Kelly and Heather about to go at it, Tamra chimed in and told Vicki to shut her mouth about her people and that she should stop spreading lies. Vicki decided it was best to leave, rather than get caught up in another argument. 

Shannon stopped Vicki at the door to say her peace, but it was more of a parting peace. Shannon made it clear that they would never be friends again because of all the lies.

Beador, Shannon


Vicki told Shannon to have a nice life and left the party.

Some time later, Brianna went all out in her quest to get Tamra to talk to her mom and she succeeded. However, Tamra was not impressed with Vicki claiming she was not the original source of the drama.

Shannon called Vicki a "bitch" and stormed off. We then got the reveal that the two warring ladies have not spoken six months.

We also got the reveal that Briana was battling Lupus. Might Vicki finally say goodbye to the show?


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