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How does Jacqueline Laurita really feel about Teresa Giudice?

That and much, much more was addressed on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 Episode 17 as the reunion show commenced.

If you thought the drama was over after the latest season of RHONJ was over, it was not. Jacqueline and Teresa are really not friends and there’s absolutely no way they’re going to be able to put the past behind them. 

Teresa Giudice Lays Down The Law
Photo via Bravo

There’s only so many times you can diss a former friend, before finally realizing that whatever friendship was once there is really gone. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you’ll already know that Jacqueline and Teresa just can’t play nice with each other anymore. It’s sad because of how close they once were, but it’s probably for the best the pair just call it quits. 

While talking over the events of the season, Siggy Flicker was most definitely on Team Jacqueline. She basically said that Jacqueline had a heart of gold, while Teresa was quite the opposite. It was almost like she rehearsed the dialog from a script and then screwed it up when the taping was actually being recorded. 

With both Jacqueline and Teresa hurling insults at each other, it was difficult for any of the other ladies to get a word in. It was hilarious. 

The Real Housewives of N.J. Cast
Photo via Bravo

After Andy Cohen basically trashed her for getting a Lexus, while owing the governent a lot of money, she turned her attention to Jacqueline. 

Teresa went forward with her claims that Jacqueline was the one who outed Melissa as a stripper, but Jacqueline was against the idea of being the perpetrator and declined. 

Melissa was not about to let it go and chimed in with her two cents on the matter. 

“You are the one that did not show up the next day [for the 2011 Season 3 reunion special] … which makes me think there was guilt, that you were feeling guilty.”

Teresa then revealed that she thought Jacqueline was a stripper in a hilarious segment that made things even more tense. 

“What was your stripper name? Was it Amber? Or was it Alana? Or was it Fruit Loops?” Teresa screeched “You were a stripper, and you were trying to say [Melissa] was a stripper, when she wasn’t — admit it!”

Teresa Don't Give a F--k!

Teresa also brought up the 2011 tabloid story about her going to jail and decided that Jacqueline must have been the person behind that, too. Seriously, everyone is acting like she’s A from Pretty Little Liars, or something. 

“You wrote that story about jail," Teresa claimed.

Jacqueline shot back, “You went to jail for lying — 41 counts of phony fraud.”

Seriously, could things really get more strained between these two?

“I pled guilty … [but] YOU set me up,” Teresa yelled.

“In my gut, it was either you or you and Caroline set me up. You were behind everything, calling the government, everything … I’m so happy I got that off my chest. I do believe that.”

It’s crazy that Teresa just won’t admit to anything. All she seems to want to do is flip tables and trash Jacqueline. 

Yes, it makes for vintage TV, but it’s going to get pretty tiring. 

Other things we learned from the episode:

  • Andy Cohen seems to think that Joe Gorga "has a pretty d**k." At least there was some comic relief with all of the verbal beat downs. As you can probably expect, Andy Cohen had access to the NSFW version of the infamous shower scene. 
  • Dolores Catania got butt implants after filming was completed and is feeling so much better about herself. 
  • Joe Giudice is so determined to stay on the straight and narrow that he’s taking his GED while in prison and plans to go to college when he’s a free man. Maybe he’ll find an institution that offers courses in tax fraud. 
  • Teresa is so on board with Danielle Staub returning because she wants her to attack Jacqueline Laurita. Sigh. 
  • Teresa caught Joe Gorga losing his virginity at the age of 9-years-old. 

That’s a wrap on Part 1 of the reunion specials, but what drama will come next week?

What did you think of all the revelations?

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