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The Real Housewives of Dallas has never been very heavy on the drama. 

The Bravo reality TV series premiered in April and struggled to drum up any interest as it just seemed like cheap imitation of the other shows in the franchise. 

The show averaged fewer than one-million viewers per week, so it was somewhat surprising that the show got renewed in the first place. 

The Real Housewives of Dallas Cast

We left off with Cary Deuber and LeeAnne Locken going at it during Stephanie Hollman’s party. It wasn’t the best of arguments to hit reality TV, but it was surprisingly fun to watch. 

If you thought the ladies would be going all out in their quest to get people talking about the show, you are sadly mistaken. 

A production insider close to the show seems to think it’s about to be canceled

“As of right now, this will almost guaranteed be the last season of RHOD. There is NOTHING happening on the show,” the insider explained.

“The women are refusing to get into any confrontations and there has been no drama,” the source said.

“Even the women who have issues with one another are refusing to confront them head on, as they are scared to look like a bad person or villain. If the women don’t start stepping it up, they basically are sealing the fate of the show.”

Tiffany Hendra

Reality TV shows need drama to succeed, but it sure seems like the Dallas ladies are trying to prove a point that you don’t need drama. 

If that is actually the case, you can expect the ladies to get a shock when the plug is pulled. 

The production insider seems to agree that drama is most certainly needed. 

“No one wants to watch a show simply about women getting along, as it’s not appealing to the viewers and will not attract the ratings. Also, with the fact that last season wasn’t especially well received, they have even more work to do this season to try to bring in the viewership.”

“Hopefully the women will heed the call and start ramping it up. Dallas has a lot of potential, but this show simply is a sinking ship if things continue in the same direction they’re going.”

LeeAnne Locken,

The ladies all seem to be getting on like a house on fire and that’s not going to do anything for the show’s ratings. 

There’s been zero buzz for the new season, so viewership could hit lows when the show inevitably returns. 

What do you think about this?

Should Bravo stick a fork in it?

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