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Leah Messer has had a rough couple of years, and it’s all played out in front of cameras.

We’ve seen Leah get divorced, lose custody of her kids, and get torn apart on social media for her lack of parenting skills.

But the biggest hurdle Leah cleared in recent years was her battle against prescription painkiller addiction.

Leah Messer: Solo Photo

Leah checked into rehab to get clean, but she still denies that she was ever hooked in the first place.

There are reports of her spending $600 a day on pills, but in this case, we don’t need to rely on unconfirmed tabloid reports and social media rumors.

The depth of Leah’s addiction was captured by Teen Mom 2 cameras.

She famously bottomed out in a scene in which she passed out while holding a child.

Thankfully, the child was not harmed, but it seems the scene served as a wake-up call, as Leah sought help shortly after it aired.

Leah Messer Spray Tan Pic

Unfortunately, since Leah refuses to acknowledge her addiction (She claims she went to rehab for emotional issues.), she has an even greater risk of relapsing than most highly-stressed recovering addicts.

It’s largely for that reason that some fans were upset to see that Leah spent Saturday night partying in a bar with friends.

She posted the pic below…

Leah Messer Bar Selfie

…with a caption reading:

"Such a great time with great gals."

Obviously, Leah is entitled to hang out with her friends, and it’s probably beneficial for her to do so.

But the venue could be viewed as a bit troubling, especially since Leah refuses to acknowledge her addiction.

Leah in an Interview

Maybe she’s really not at risk.

Hell, there’s not even any evidence that she was drinking.

But as fans of the show know, Leah does like to get a little tipsy when she goes out.

We caught a glimpse of drunk Leah last season when she spent an awkward night on the town with her second husband, Jeremy Calvert.

Alcohol wasn’t her drug of choice pre-rehab, but any intoxicant could put her at greater risk of slipping back into addiction.

Here’s hoping her network of friends provides positive support rather than serving as negative influences.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Leah’s many ups and downs.