Kate Upton to Major League Baseball: Only I Can F-ck Justin Verlander!

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Kate Upton has gone off on the greatest Twitter rant of all-time.

She has thrown some seriously high heat against Major League Baseball over the fact that boyfriend Justin Verlander was NOT honored with the 2016 Cy Young Award...

... despite receiving more first place votes than winner Rick Porcello of the Boston Red Sox.

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander Photograph

In earning the trophy as the best pitcher in the American League last season, Porcello garnered just eight first-place votes.

Verlander, meanwhile, earned 14.

But Porcello held off Verlander in one of the closest Cy Young races of all-time because two writers from Tampa Bay didn't include Verlander on their ballot at all, costing him the cumulative points he would have needed to come out on top.

Having finished a bounceback year with a 3.04 ERA and a 1.00 WHIP, along with 254 strikeouts, Verlander took the news just fine.

"Just want to say thank you to all the @officialBBWAA who voted for me," he Tweeted last night.

The pitcher's gorgeous girlfriend, however, was less magnanimous in her reaction.

Justin Verlander with Kate Upton

"Hey @MLB I thought I was the only person allowed to fuck @JustinVerlander?!" Upton wrote, in what is already one of our favorite Tweets in history.

She then asked: "What 2 writers didn't have him on their ballot?"

(The answer is Fred Goodall of The Associated Press and Bill Chastain of MLB.com.)

Upton continued her scathing critique of the outcome as follows:

"He had the majority of 1st place votes and 2 writers didn't have him on their ballots?!! can you pick more out of touch people to vote?"

"Sorry Rick but you didn't get any 1st place votes? you didn't win. #ByeFelicia @MLB keep up with the times and fire those writers."

Upton Tweets

For the record, voters list their five Cy Young Award picks in order.

A first-place vote is worth seven points... four for second... three for third... two for fourth... and one for fifth.

Verlander needed to pick up five more points to match Porcello.

Upton, who recently went off on NFL players who refused to stand during the national anthem, mostly received support online for her diatribe.

"Gotta respect Kate Upton's subtle way of reminding us that Verlander may have lost the Cy Young but is probably pleased with his life," wrote Boston.com columist Chad Finn.

Another Internet users compared Upton to a teenager who "just learned what the Electoral College is," while New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard fired off the best response.

Noah S tweet

At the end of the day, perhaps Verlander deserved the Cy Young. Perhaps he did not.

But he gets to go home and see Kate Upton nude.

He probably got to go home last night and be comforted by Upton in an especially seductive manner.

So we're pretty sure Justin Verlander is the real winner here. And will continue to be tomorrow... and the next day... and the day after that...

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