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Just a day after celebrating her anniversary with husband Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson is now facing some very bad news:

Her father has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The diagnosis actually took place about two months ago, with insiders confirming to People Magazine that Joe subsequently had prostate surgery.

Doctors have said that the operation went very well – and Simpson is already back at work and eating a healthier diet.

Joe Simpson and Jessica Simpson

“He’s feeling great now and is optimistic,” a source close to Simpson informs People. “He’s felt so much love and support from his family and friends.”

Just how great is Simpson feeling these days?

Making his living as a photographer, he is currently flying to Japan to shoot the cover of Nation-Alist magazine and to work on several other campaigns.

But while People paints a rather positive portrait of Joe’s physical and mental well-being, a far less reliable source is using this as an opportunity to be far more dramatic.

Da Simpsons

According to In Touch Weekly, Simpson’s cancer is Stage 4 and it has spread to his lymph nodes.

"The grim news devastated the entire Simpson family at first," an anonymous source tells that tabloid.

"Jessica and sister Ashlee especially took it hard.

"They cried for days about his dire future, and the very real possibility of him dying. But, after initial shock wore off, they rallied behind him."

This same report says no "percentages" have been placed on Joe’s survival.

But that he is trying to remain optimistic.

"Joe has remained incredibly optimistic about his battle – carrying on with regular chemotherapy treatments and hormone therapy," the source alleges.

"[His family hopes] for a miraculous recovery for Papa Joe, and they are praying with all their hearts."

Joe is a former pastor who is using his faith to maintain a positive outlook

And a rep for Simpson shoots down In Touch Weekly’s dire claims.

"This is a blessing in disguise for Joe," a source close to Simpson tells Entertainment Tonight, adding:

"It has opened his eyes to eating healthier and exercising. This diagnosis has brought Joe and his family together and reminded him that what matters most is family."

This same source also says Joe is back to working as a photographer.

Along with his successful photography business, Simpson had also launched his own fashion label, Control Sector.

"I love the opportunity to create and do new things," he told ET last year.

"You know, the photography thing is fun. The fashion thing is fun. I still do TV and I still do music, so you know, I’m crazy all the time … I have plenty to do. I’m not bored!"

And we have no doubt he’ll have many more years ahead of him to keep doing what he now loves.

We send our thoughts to the Simpson family.