Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson Celebrate Engagement Anniversary on Instagram

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Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson have never been shy about sharing details of their marriage. Even to a cringe-worthy level.

Anyone who's heard her gush about her man, or who's seen the couple's 50 Shades of Grey-inspired selfies, can attest to that.

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson Instagram Photo

But it's not all scantily-clad boudoir photos on Jess' Instagram page. Rather, she's taking the time to reflect on a romantic milestone.

On Friday, Jessica and Eric celebrated the sixth anniversary of the day he popped the question.

And naturally, Jess chronicled the celebration on her social media pages.

She posted a photo of a note that Eric sent her to mark the occasion.

"To Jess. Happy 11/11. Thanks for saying 'yes' after only 6 months. It started all this. I love you, Eric," it read.

Jessica Simpson Anniversary Photo

Yes, Jess and Eric got engaged after just six months of dating.

Shortly thereafter, they got hitched and Simpson adopted the "porn name" (her words) of Jessica Johnson.

Surprisingly, no actual Jessica Simpson sex tape has emerged from the union, but that's probably only because she doesn't need the publicity.

Despite rising to fame during the pop music bubble of the early 2000s, she did the smart thing by giving up any pretense of being an actress or singer years so.

Instead, she devoted her full attention to getting insanely rich by slapping her name on a bunch of handbags.

Say what you will about Jessica's talent as an entertainer (or lack thereof) her business acumen is enviable.

Eric Johnson Kisses Jessica Simpson

And as Americans recently reminded the world, in this country, the ability to take yourself from very rich to mega-rich trumps talent and intellect every day.

Anyway, we're not trying to shade Jess.

On the contrary ... she's an easy target for jokes, but the girl puts in work and she's been silencing the haters for over a decade now.

She even got flak for marrying Eric so quickly, but six years and counting later, it seems she was right to trust her instincts on that one.

Jess' first marriage made her one of the early queens of reality TV, but these days she doesn't need to televise the events of her daily life.

When she shares a moment like this online it's not to build her brand but to share her wedded bliss with her millions of fans and followers.

Whether she's showing us how considerate her husband is or talking about the size of Eric Johnson's penis, Jess is still doing her thing.

In the process, she's proving time and again that her Newlyweds persona was as real as reality TV gegs. She lives her life with zero filter.

And for that (and these pics), we thank her.

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