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Rumors that Jill Duggar is pregnant with her second child seem to surface about once a month these days.

In this case, of course, it’s not hard to see why fans are so eager for an announcement.

After all, Duggar women literally view baby-making as the reason they were put on Earth, and it’s unusual for a grown, married Duggar gal to go so long between pregnancies.

Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar Throwback

Of course, Jill’s situation is more complicated than that of her younger sister Jessa, who’s currently expecting her second child.

If you watch Counting On online, you know that Jill, her husband, Derick Dillard, and her son, Israel, have spent much of the past year in El Salvador performing missionary work.

Central America remains a hot spot for the Zika virus, and women who have lived in the area in recent months have been cautioned against getting pregnant.

So it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if Jill and Derick decided to hold off on expanding their family for health reasons.

Jill and Derick Dillard in El Salvador

Now, however, fans believe Jill is currently expecting a second child, but has held off on making an announcement for fear of having her judgment questioned by concerned fans.

Over the holiday weekend, a new photo sparked an intense debate among the Duggar family’s Facebook followers.

(Well, two intense debates, but we’ll leave the discussion of Derick Dillard’s hairstyle for another time.)

Check it out:

Jill Duggar Pregnant Photo

There’s no non-judgmental way to say this, so we’ll just come out with it:

Jill is looking slightly larger than usual in the midsection.

But hey, aren’t we all the day after Thanksgiving?

Normally we’d say the fans who are picking this photo apart just need to chill, but pregnancy is the married Duggar woman’s natural state, and it is unusual for a Duggar woman in Jill’s position to let her firstborn reach his first birthday without a younger sibling on the way.

Jill Duggar, Derick Dillard Instagram Image

Of course, if Jill is pregnant enough to be showing and still hasn’t made an announcement, then she’s probably waiting for a reason.

In this case, that reason is probably the fact that Counting On Season 3 is currently filming, and it could use a few surprises in the storyline.

They can only get so much mileage out of the Jinger Duggar wedding, ya know?