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According to a questionable new report, Chris Hemsworth has one simple piece of advice for his brother.

When it comes to Liam Hemsworth’s engagement to Miley Cyrus, a tabloid claims that Chris is saying the following to Liam: 

GTFO, dude!

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Something called NW Magazine in Australia is the main magazine leading this charge.

It alleges that Chris has spoken to Liam about all the ways in which Miley will break his heart…

… but Liam is simply blinded by love for the singer. He won’t listen.

“[Miley]’s dropping all these hints that she’s not marriage material, but [Liam]’s not catching on at all,” an insider tells this random pubilication.

The so-called source adds:

“While Miley may love [Liam], if they don’t get on the same page soon, it’ll only end in heartbreak for him.”

It’s unclear exactly what kind of "hints" are being dropped by Cyrus in this regard.

Yes, she recently appeared on Ellen and admitted that her engagement ring isn’t exactly her style.

But she also said she wears it often because it means a lot to Liam.

Oh, and she also ACCEPTED THE RING IN THE FIRST PLACE, meaning she must sort of love Hemsworth and want to marry him.

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As you can see immediately above and further down below, Miley and Liam made a rare public appearance as a couple this weekend.

They attend a friend’s show at an art gallery, looking very happy and in love.

This, despite HollywoodLife writing that Chris is “pushing [Liam] to get rid of Miley.”

An anonymous mole, who we’re sure totally exists and was not invented by that website for the sake of getting clicks, references the same quote Miley gave to Ellen about her ring and says:

"Chris got the vibe that this, along with other incidents, proves the singer isn’t serious or committed.”

Miley isn’t a very serious person, that much may be true.

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Except for when it really matters.

She has said that she won’t walk any future red carpets until the issue of poverty is fixed around the globe.

That sounds like a serious statement, doesn’t it?

And for someone who has often been accused of doing or saying anything for attention, she has done and said very little when it comes to her relationship with Liam.

We actually think she takes it VERY seriously.

She knows this is not something to flaunt on social media or use for publicity.

It’s real, true love that only comes around once or maybe twice in a lifetime.

We’re well aware that Cyrus and Hemsworth breakup rumors will persist until these two tie the knot

And then they will turn into Cyrus and Hemsworth divorce rumors. That is just the sad way that the Internet works.

But we’re choosing to believe in this couple. We’re choosing to believe in them forever and always.