Brielle Biermann Fat-Shamed By Kim Zolciak: What an Eating Machine!

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Kim Zolciak has been supportive of Brielle Biermann's plastic surgery, as the reality star is not one to cast any judgment in that arena. 

That unconditional love does not extend to her teen's eating habits, however, as she made abundantly clear by fat-shaming her daughter.

Kim Zolciak and Brielle

The former star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, 38, slammed her 19-year-old girl for housing a burger on her spinoff Don’t Be Tardy.

She let her 4-year-old son diss her, too.

“Oh my g-d Brielle, you just can’t get that sh!t in fast enough?” Zolciak quipped as she drove around L.A. with the teen and the toddler.

“Could you slow down on the food?”

KJ helpfully added from the back:

“It’s going to make you fat.”

Brielle Snap

Zolciak laughed at her young son, rather than come to Brielle's defense, then doubled down on fat shaming in a confessional later.

“Brielle needs to stop eating,” she told the Bravo cameras. “What do they call it? The ‘Freshman 15?’ Although she’s not in college.”

For her part, Brielle doesn’t care about gaining weight - not that she actually is, or that it would matter, as she's gorgeous and happy.

She frequently posts about her fast-food obsessions on her social media accounts. Again, she's 19 and can do whatever she pleases.

Regarding the plastic surgery, though ...

Kim Zolciak and Brielle Biermann duckface

In that case, the way in which Kim chooses to "help" Brielle deal with her insecurities may actually resonate to the youngster's detriment.

Kim has openly pushed for Brielle to get a boob job if she so desires, and well, it would be one thing if she were a little older than 19.

As we often say with the likes of Kylie Jenner, can't the Momager step back and let her be a kid while she's still in the prime of her life?

And it's not just her chest up for debate.

Brielle has been complaining about her lips for five years, since she was just 14, and instead of trying to instill some self confidence ...

... Kim is basically like, "go fix them!"

This sort of thing comes from upbringing, and is sad to be honest, but we probably shouldn't be shocked when it comes to her anymore.

In an interview from just last month, Kim was asked about why she allows Brielle to get lip injections, and she actually answered with: 

"Why not? Shoot it up!” 

Really now?

We can think of a lot of reasons "why not" but maybe that's just how we were raised ... to not fat-shame or body-shame our own teenagers.


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