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It actually happened, folks.

The Chicago Cubs winning their first World Series title since 1908 after seven epic games and even an extra inning against the Cleveland Indians?

Well, yes.

But also this: Beyonce performed at the 50th annual CMA Awards on Wednesday night!

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The artist’s appearance at this country music awards ceremony failed to be a well-kept secret, with social media exploding in the days prior with strong chatter that Beyonce would be on hand.

But that didn’t take make it any less thrilled to see Queen Bey on stage at the ceremony.

The pop star basically pulled a reverse-Taylor Swift by taking the stage to sing her smash hit, the twangy tune “Daddy Lessons,” with some alums of the annual Nashville party.

Natalie Maines, Emily Robison and Martie Maguire each sang parts of chorus during the upbeat and exciting performance, with the artists joined by a full band… including harmonica, saxophone and banjo players.

We’re guessing you never thought you’d see these instruments on stage alongside Beyonce.

Beyonce and The Dixie Chicks

Beyonce rocked an all-white, see-through dress for the occasion, while the Dixie Chicks matched in black.

At one point, the quartet broke into an interlude from the award-winning group’s 2002 tune “Long Time Gone.”

Earlier this year, the famous and occasionally controversial girl group covered “Daddy Lessons” during tour stops in Manchester and London.

Video of those performances quickly went viral, as was the case with the one above at the CMA Awards, of course.

Beyonce Hugs Martie Maguire

Beyonce, meanwhile, shocked fans when she included "Daddy Lessons" on her hit album, "Lemonade."

It quickly earned rave reviews from such country musicians as Dierks Bentley, Karen Fairchild, Blake Shelton and Garth Brooks.

The mother of Blue Ivy, of course, has made it a habit to steal all headlines and all thunder from pretty much all awards shows.

Remember her at the BET Awards?

Remember her Super Bowl halftime act?

How could you forget, right?!?

So now we can even add country music as an industry that is officially ruled by Queen Bey.

Please join us in bowing down, now, tomorrow, forever and always.