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No matter how disappointing your summer was, odds are Taylor Swift had an even worse one.

The summer of 2016 will forever be remembered as the summer during which Taylor went from America’s sweetheart to America’s sketchy friend who will totally talk smack about you as soon as you leave the room.

Future historians will be all like, "We have no conclusive evidence that Swift was actually Becky With the Good Hair, but leading research indicates that she would totes conspire with that b-tch to steal your man."

Taylor Swift Makes a Point

Things got off to a rocky start when Kim Kardashian accused Taylor of lying and came equipped with receipts.

The singer had previously claimed that she was blindsided and shocked – shocked! – when she learned that Kanye West rapped about her in a less-than-flattering way on his latest album.

When Kim posted a video of Kanye calling her in order to okay the lyrics, Taylor basically did the social media equivalent of devolving into a stuttering Woody Allen impersonator when you get busted in a lie.

As those who celebrated the "Taylor Swift is over party" know, the hard times were far from over for Ms. Swift.

In early September, Swift broke up with Tom Hiddleston after less than three months of dating.

It wasn’t the breakup that proved damaging to Swift’s reputation so much as it was the deluge of new information about her personal life that was prompted by the breakup.

We learned that Swift may have hooked up with Hiddleston while she was still dating Calvin Harris and that she may have dumped Harris based on information she received from Hiddleston.

It wasn’t Watergate, but coming as it did on the heels of an already-damaging scandal, it didn’t do wonders for Taylor’s public image.

Taylor Swift Dazzles In New York City

Anyway, Taylor didn’t get to where she is by quietly slinking away every time she’s exposed for being shady as hell.

The singer recently took to Instagram to announce that she’ll be returning to the stage in Austin this weekend.

Fortunately, it seems she hasn’t lost her sense of humor:

It’ll be the first time that Taylor has performed since her reputation kind of hit the skids last month.

Fortunately, she still enjoys one of the most loyal fan bases in all of music.

Taylor devotees will be burning Tom Hiddleston effigies as we speak!