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If you thought the shocking character deaths were going to stop with Chad Radwell meeting his maker, then you were totally wrong. 

It was Halloween in the hospital and Dean Munsch decided that it would be a good idea to have a party. That came from her wanting to unmask the killer in the wake of Chad being murdered. 

We picked up with Chanel as a broken woman. The man she loved and was set to marry had just been murdered. In typical Chanel fashion, she went to extremes, overreacting about how her life was over. 

Watch Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 4 Online
Watch Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 4 Online

In actual fact, she never really loved Chad. What she loved was how well-known the Radwell name was and how much it would help her get to where she wanted in her career. 

Chanel has become nothing more than a vile opportunist and it’s wearing a little thin. 

Things didn’t change much for her when it was revealed the Radwell fortune was left to Dean Munsch. Yes, stupid Chad was given the whole fortune because his parents died on their private jet, while rushing to make sure Chad and Chanel did not get married. 

All of the developments led to Chanel running across a table to attack the lawyer. It was a hilariously executed scene that proved Chanel could change things up if she wanted to. 

Munsch and Denise then went to meet up with Hester, to try and get some information on the killer. Hester revealed that they should throw a Halloween party to lure the killer out. 

Chanel & Zayday Are Not Friends on Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 4
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Hester also made a point of pleading with them to let her attend the party, but they laughed it off because of the safety concerns. 

Denise changed her tune when she was attacked by the killer, while setting up the hospital for the party. She got Hester an ankle bracelet and out of her cell for 24 hours.

Chanel argued with Dr. Holt about recent events and she said she was unwell, so he gave her silver corundum to try and make her better, but when she woke up she was blue all over.

Chanel is Feeling Blue on Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 4
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Chanel then went full steam ahead in her quest to make Holt look bad in front of Munsch, but she made it clear that Holt was having sex with her when Chad was murdered.

Chanel then stormed off after learning that someone stole another of her boyfriends. She was attacked by someone dressed as Ivana Trump and was quick to blame Chanel #5 for everything. 

#5 did have a costume, but it was slightly different. The person in the other costume was revealed to be Hester. At the party, a group of teenagers appeared and they were all ill. 

Dean Munsch Dressed Up on Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 4
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This forced the hospital into action to find a cure, but Chanel and Denise were nowhere to be found. They were busy contacting the spirit of Chad, who revealed that he and Denise had some really good times. 

The scene was cut short when the hospital required them to return, as Zayday tried her best to get to the root of what was going on in the hospital. It turned out that the Green Meanie contaminated the dunking apple water and that’s why the teens were all ill. 

#5 bumped into Hester, who got set to murder her, but the Green Meanie stabbed #5 in the back. This proved the two killers are working together and Hester knows more than she’s letting on. 

Denise appeared and tried to help #5, but she was forced to fight the Green Meanine once more. The murderer got the better of Denise and ended her life. 

That means we’ve lost two main characters in just two weeks and another is hanging in the balance. What the heck is going on? The show is getting rid of the best characters. 

If you watch Scream Queens online, you’ll know that Chad and Denise make the show, so they will be sorely missed. Where do we go from here?