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As we’ve documented over the years, Florida men and Florida women do some strange stuff on occasion.

Like marry their grandchildren, for example.

But it’s unusual for Florida men and Florida women to come together in the nature that they do below.

That is, in unadulterated, wild and crazy fisticuffs. Inside of a Chuck E. Cheese!

As you can see in the MUST-WATCH VIDEO FEATURED HERE, a massive brawl broke out among several sets of parents at the Chuck E. Cheese in Miami’s Kendall Village Center on Saturday, October 1.

It’s unclear what promoted this fight, exactly, but does it really matter?

Could any disagreement over a check rationalize this kind of behavior?

A witness recorded a video of the chaos on his phone, promptly sharing it on Twitter and watching it garner over 60,000 re-Tweets in just a few hours.

This same witness told a local Fox affiliate that the fight lasted 10 minutes before police finally intervened.

In a statement issued Monday, a Chuck E. Cheese’s spokesperson said the rumble erupted when “an argument between two guests escalated into a physical altercation."

Well, yeah. That’s how most fights start.

Concludes this Chuck E. Cheese’s statement:

“The store manager acted quickly and local police were contacted and arrived immediately."

Chuck E. Cheese

The Chuck E. Cheese motto, of course, is that "a kid can be a kid" at these nationwide establishments.

Which may very well be true.

But we didn’t realize it was also a place where parents could act like kids. Very, very, very young and immature kids, that is.