Miley Cyrus Stuns College Students, Campaigns on Campus for Hillary Clinton

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Miley Cyrus went back to school this weekend.

Not her own education, necessarily, but for the education of others.

The singer shocked students at George Mason University in Virginia on Saturday when she walked around campus and urged everyone there to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Miley Cyrus at George Mason

Clinton currently leads Donald Trump by about eight points in this state, but it's important for everyone to get out there and vote.

Isn't that right, Miley?

The singer - who actually supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary - went door to door inside the dormitories of the Fairfax, Virginia school to talk about the one Presidential nominee NOT accused of 11 cases of sexual harassment.

"Hello? How are you? I'm Miley," the artist said after knocking on freshman Jake Zartman's door, according to The Washington Post.

"I'm here supporting Hillary. Are you going to vote?"

Miley Cyrus on the Trail

Dressed in a red-and-silver striped dress... a furry blue jacket... a bright pink headband ... and rocking an oversized blue bow across her chest, Cyrus walked across the campus in hopes of making sure Clinton wins this swing state on November 8.

"Your room is so cute!" she told another student, based on a New York Post report.

She continued:

"Sorry to come in with all these people. They're awesome people also excited for Hillary. Are you registered to vote? Are you voting here or are you from out of town? 

"I'm from Nashville but I actually just re-registered because I'm so excited to go on the day because I want the sticker."

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Cyrus posted her share of photos from this trip on Instagram, as did students who couldn't believe they were actually hanging out with Miley Cyrus.

"Campaigned for @hillaryclinton today in GMU in VA encouraging young people to volunteer and vote!!!!" the sinter captioned one of the images of herself giving a thumbs up to potential voters from a dorm window.

A reporter from the George Mason student newspaper wrote as a caption to one of her social media photos:

"Miley says she was offended by way Trump spoke about abortion at the last debate. Says she is big supporter of Planned Parenthood."

Indeed, Trump said many things at the last debate that left viewers shaking their heads.

Miley Cyrus and a Student

In another caption for a video she shared on Instagram, Loop wrote:

“Mousa Abusaif, 20, tells Miley that Trump tried to have him fired from his Washington country club."

We presume this is because Abusaif is Muslim.

Miley Cyrus for Hillary

Earlier this year, Katy Perry performed her songs "Rise" and "Roar" at the Democratic National Convention, where she urged viewers to "have an open mind and to use your voice."

Other celebrities we know are on Team Clinton include Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Kerry Washington and Eva Longoria.

Those supporting Trump in this election include Scott Baio, Antonio Sabato Jr. and Kelsey Grammer.

You absolutely should NOT based your vote on the opinions of famous people.

But maybe take a look at the success achieved by those voting Clinton and the success achieved by those voting Trump and ask yourself is there's a correlation.

Miley Cyrus is With Her

Have you made up your mind yet? 

Who will YOU be voting for on November 8?

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