Kylie Jenner Gets DIRRTY and Gross for Halloween

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Kylie Jenner dressed up as Christina Augilera's "Dirrty" persona, but the end result made her just look dirty instead of "Dirrty." 

Check out the simply distressing video: 

If that didn't clear your palate for the rest of the day, the full body shots probably will. 

Kylie's straggly-looking hyper-blonde extensions were definitely put to good use, and we did get to see a lot of her banging, possibly-surgicially-enhanced body, but ... 


Think that was bad? 

Well hold onto your own asses, because things just got really awful. 

The following - disturbing - footage also proved that this Jenner girl just cannot dance either. 

Guess we can't have all of the things all of the time, huh? 

Cringing so hard yet? 

We are, but not any more than the whole entire internet at once, because man, that is a lot of cringing. 

She pulled the look off "well," and if by "well," we mean she was only slightly less greasy-looking than Xtina's original look. 


Kylie Jenner Dresses Up as Christina Aguilera Circa Dirrty Photo
Kylie Jenner Dresses up as Christina Aguilera Circa Dirrty Picture

Are you sorry you ate yet today? 

Don't worry, though - boyfriend Tyga was there to protect Kylie's modesty. 

In another snap, Kylie was shown covering up her ample ass with a jacket, while Tyga protectively held his arm around her. 

Isn't love just grand? 

Kylie Jenner is Christina Aguilera for Halloween 2016, With Tyga Photo

Kylie's been all about showing off her body lately - as per the norm - and in a recent video, she stripped down to nearly nothing and made ... lasagna? 

Her Snapchat videos have only gotten more and more bizarre as the months have gone by, and it's apparent that she's seeking some pretty hardcore attention. 

In the snap, which featured some serious flesh-flashing and lasagna-making, Kylie's ass looked much bigger that it did in her Halloween costume.

That? Well, it lent even more credence to the rumors that Kylie's got some kind of manual pump in her front pocket that blows that ass up to magical proportions. 

Kylie Jenner Shows Off Butt Yet Again

Honestly, what even is that? 

And why do we have to be subjected to such mysterious things on a regular basis? 

We know it's Halloween, and all the things are rife with scariness and ghouls and gobins and whatever else, but we never thought we'd be so afraid of a backside like we are of Kylie's ass. 

Good God, may the saints or whoever else preserve ... our sanity. 

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