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After months of rumors and speculation, Jessa Duggar confirmed that she’s expecting her second child back in August.

At first, she revealed little with regard to how far along she was or her due date.

But now that she’s made her big announcement on Coming On and the show enjoyed the usual ratings bump, Jessa is more willing share details about that other kind of bump:

Jessa Duggar Baby Bump Comparisons

Jessa posted the above side-by-side photos to Instagram yesterday.

The first shows her at 25 weeks when she was pregnant with first child, son Spurgeon.

The second was taken on Monday, which was apparently the day that Jessa hit the 25-week mark in her second pregnancy.

Naturally, the comments have been filled with remarks from dozens of self-appointed bump experts.

Jessa Duggar Baby Photo

Many commented that Jessa’s bump appears to be bigger in the first photo.

We’re inclined to agree, but that might simply be the result of the angle or the top that she’s wearing.

Many offered their insights as to what the size and shape of Jessa’s belly might indicate about the sex of her baby.

Though we’re pretty sure that sort of thing is utter nonsense, if anyone enjoys a healthy dose of pseudo-science it’s the evolution-denying, "Jesus rode a dinosaur to work" Duggars, so let’s indulge them.

Jessa Duggar Laughs at the Tabloids

The consensus seems to be that Jessa is expecting a girl, as the bump is smaller, higher and looks like it probably enjoys imaginary tea parties.

Some disagreed, but they were shouted down in brutal fashion.

Imagine when Trump kept interrupting Hillary with "Wrong!" and you have some idea of how the debate went.

We’re sure Jessa will continue to keep her baby’s gender under wraps until it enters the world, and that’s her prerogative.

Jessa Duggar Baby Bump Photo: 22 Weeks!

In the meantime, she’s offered some insights as to how her second pregnancy feels different from her first:

"I think with the first pregnancy, it seemed a lot longer because every week [we were] counting down the weeks, the months, until the baby would be here," she said in a recent interview.

"This time around we are chasing little Spurgeon, and so I think the weeks are going by a lot faster."

She added that she doesn’t care if the baby is a boy or a girl, so long as its birth special delivers some serious ratings.

Just kidding, Jessa!

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