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For the official record, Chris Brown.

He’s arrogant, violent, dangerous, spoiled and chock full of anger at all times.

Also for the official record, however, he’s unlikely to face any charges for his August arrest.

Chris Brown in a Cap

Darn you, criminal justice system.

Late this summer, Brown was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

The arrest was the culmination of a wild day in which Brown supposedly had a bunch of people over.

One of them was a former beauty pageant queen named Baylee Curran, who told authorities that she was just hanging with a friend in the hot tub, minding her own business.

According to Curran, she eventually tried to take a close look at an expensive piece of jewelry after one of Brown’s associates pulled it out of a case…

… only for Brown to pull a gun on her and order her to leave his mansion.

Curran told multiple media outlets that Brown screamed at her to "get the f-ck out of her house" while holding the weapon.

She did as she was told, called 911 and the police proceeded to engage in an eight-hour long standoff on Brown’s property until they obtained a search warrant and entered the home.

Baylee Curran: You Think I Wanted This?!?

Sources close to the investigation, however, tell TMZ that this case has not gone forward because the district attorney is unimpressed with the evidence gathered by cops.

The case was supposed to be brought before the DA two weeks ago, at which time Brown would be arraigned; but the lawyer kicked it back to the police because he did not think there was ample evidence to prosecute.

It remains unclear what evidence the cops even have, aside from Curran’s testimony.

Brown reportedly dumped a bag of guns out of his window during the aforementioned standoff, but it’s possible they were all registered in his name legally.

Or it’s possible they can’t be directly tied to the artist.

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that Curran doesn’t make for the best witness.

She may have been drunk or on drugs while inside Brown’s house.

She also conducted a multitude of interviews with the press in the days that followed her alleged confrontation with Brown.

Chris Brown Instagram Still

Could she still be telling the truth, despite these facts? 

Of course. But the district attorney chooses which cases to prosecute based on the likelihood of a conviction.

As previously detailed, there’s history between Brown and the prosecutors in this case; they wanted him behind bars numerous times while he was on probation in the Rihanna beating case.

This specifically applies to deputy district attorney Mary Murray.

So you better believe that she wants to go forward with this serious gun charge.

But there’s no point in doing so if the changes of a guilty verdict or a plea deal are very low. That would just be a waste of time and resources.

If cops really want to press the issue, they could take the case to the Los Angeles City Attorney for misdemeanor assault prosecution.

However, TMZ reports this would almost certainly be a dead end. Why? Because a weak case is a weak case, no matter how you try to present it.