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Chris Brown just can’t seem to keep quit it with his fists mouth or girlfriend-bashing. 

Figuratively, this time. 

Somebody’s still got an anger issue, and it’s more obvious than ever. 

Cydney Christine and Chris Brown Photo

Brown went on an Instagram rant over his reported girlfriend, Cydney Christine, and things were not very pleasant. 

However, when you’re dating a girl with two first names – porn star fodder, to be sure – you know that there’s likely to be drama present. 

Moreover, when you’re dating Chris Brown, notorious Rihanna-beater, you know there’s likely to be anger present. 

Chris took his always-misdirected frustrations out on his Instagram page, and shared a pic of himself performing on stage. 

He captioned the pic, "Bitch playing games when she know you the hottest n—a on the planet!"  

Chris Brown Looks Up


That happened, and sadly, we’re not sure what’s worse: that he thinks of himself as the hottest on the planet, or that he actually wrote it. 

In another post, he angrily wrote, "We cheat on our girlfriends, but we don’t want them to cheat on us." 

"We cheat for sex, just to f–k, but when a woman cheats, she cheats for love and affection," Brown reasoned.  

"She cheats with a guy that can potentially replace you."  

"We cheat the most, but women cheat the best," he concluded. 

Is he even serious with this crap? 

Is this a conversation we’re really having? 

Chris Brown Hates Shirts

"[Men] cheat the most, but women cheat the best?" 

Also, in addition to being brutally stupid and brutally … well, brutal, Chris Brown is apparently brutally misogynistic as well.

It’s like he’s stuck in an era when it was totally "normal" and "acceptable" to have something-something on the side even though you’re in a committed relationship. 

GTFOH, Chris Brown. 

Take you and your skinny-ass dong out of the picture, and just go away forever. 

Women cheat on you because they think you’re a joke, end of. 

Chris Brown Rages

He concluded his rant with, "Women are not afraid to love, commit, and be loyal, but the problem sometimes is with us men."  

Uh, okay. 

Cydney herself, however, seemed to clap back at Brown, and posted on her own Twitter account, "Guys … if you don’t want a girl, TELL HER." 

Nothing but sheer class emanating from every orifice of this situation.