Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Fighting Over Engagement Ring?!

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Remember how, just a few short weeks ago, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were one of the most glamorous celebrity couples in existence, proof that true love was real?

Man, how quickly things can change ...

These days, just one quick glance at the internet will tell you just how far Brangelina has fallen.

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Brad is currently being investigated after an alleged incident of child abuse on a plane, the same incident that was said to be the last straw for Angelina.

As part of their temporary divorce settlement, he's subject to random drug and alcohol testing, and he's even supposed to have therapy sessions.

There are plenty of rumors that Brad cheated on Angelina in the weeks before she filed for divorce, most notably with one of his costars, Marion Cotillard.

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As shocking as the whole thing is, it's even more heartbreaking.

And speaking of heartbreaking, there's a new reportĀ that claims Brad and Angelina are fighting over one more thing: her engagement ring.

The ring is said to be worth around $250,000, and Brad himself had a hand in designing it.

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"Angelina wants all of the jewelry that she acquired during her marriage to Brad," a source says to HollywoodLife. And sure, that makes sense.

"He gave her a lot of incredibly super expensive rings, necklaces, bracelets and other bobbles, but none more dazzling than her $250,000 engagement ring," the source continues. "She def wants it."

But it seems that if Brad has anything to say about it, she def won't get it.

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According to the source, "It's tough because Brad put his heart and soul into that ring to make it truly unique and special. He worked with jeweler Robert Procop for over a year designing the most perfect ring imaginable."

Even though Brad is the one who put all the work into the ring, the source claims that he'd give it up if he could just have custody of the kids.

See what we meant about the heartbreak?

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"Brad would give it up and anything else she wants," the source says, "if he could just keep the kids. Even the thought of only partial custody breaks his heart, but he knows it's all he can hope for."

The source delivers the final blow with "Brad really couldn't give a sh-t about the money and fancy things, he just wants those kids."

That part, at least, is believable: we've heard time and time again that Brad is devastated by the divorce and that he wants to keep his family together.

It's a sad situation for all involved. Let's hope they can at least work out the best arrangement for the whole family to be happy, or as happy as possible, given the circumstances.

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