Bigly or Big League? The True Debate Rages On

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Donald Trump battled Hillary Clinton on stage at the third Presidential debate on Wednesday night.

Among the many topics discussed?

What each candidate looks for in a Supreme Court Justice... what each candidate will do about Syrian refugees... whether or not Donald Trump is a sexual predator... Clinton's controversial emails... and, of course, the most important issue of them all:

Whether or not Trump emphasizes certain plans or actions as "Bigly" or "Big League."

Donald Trump at the Third Debate

Okay, granted. This was not discussed on the debate stage last night.

But it was discussed on Twitter. Bigly. Or big league. One or the other.

It was discussed a lot, is what we're saying.

By the middle of the televised back-and-forth, in fact, the top Google trend was not immigration or tax cuts or Donald Trump claims to respect women more than anyone on the planet, LOL... it was bigly.

There was amply of talk about the pronunciation of this term on social media.

To wit:

bigly tweets

Is Trump raising the bar on a vocabulary that typically includes just the words huge, wrong and #MAGA?

Not according to a Trump spokesperson who spoke to People Magazine during the debate.

This campaign source said that the Republican presidential nominee is, in fact, pronouncing “big league.”

He's just doing it in a weird way, we guess. Which wouldn't exactly be a first for Trump. You have heard how he says the country "China," right?

Just ask Alec Baldwin to explain it to you if not.

However, Trump's very own Twitter account appears to back up this claim by the anonymous People source.

As part of his barrage of post-debate Tweets following the ugly debate last night, he wrote the following:

trump tweet

(For the record, "bigly" actually is a word. It means "with great force.")

So there we have it. Maybe.

Trump hasn't exactly made himself into a modicum of truth-telling over the past year or so. You may not believe this, but not everything he says on social media is based in fact.

So we want YOU, the loyal THG reader, to chime in.

What do you think Donald Trump has been saying behind his lectern?

And the Winner is?

Donald Trump is confusing the nation. Does he continually say something is "BIGLY" or "BIG LEAGUE?" Weigh in now! View Poll »

Trump also referred to Clinton as a "nasty woman" during the debate and said he would have to wait and see the results of the election before he deemed them to be fair.

"I'll leave you in suspense," he told viewers, treating the peaceful transfer of power in a democracy like some sort of TV show cliffhanger.

He is a horrible, dangerous individual who comes across like a cartoon villain. Except he's real. And he's running for President of the United States.

And people outside of his family plan to vote for him!

Do you think he won the debate? Weigh in now:

And the Winner is?

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Which 2016 presidential hopeful came out on top in the third, and mercifully, last debate of the season? View Poll »

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