Ariel Winter: Donald Trump is a Disappointment!

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That Ariel Winter ... she's so great, right?

Sure, she's smart and funny and talented, but she's also pretty vocal about the issues that are important to her, issues like bullying, feminism, and all that important stuff.

Also, boobs.

Ariel Winter Red Carpet Photo

(Sorry not sorry.)

Oh, and speaking of important stuff -- and boobs, we guess, because we are talking about Ariel Winter, after all -- this girl gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight yesterday about Donald Trump.

Spoiler alert: she's not into him.

"I think it's really disappointing that we've made so many strides towards promoting body positivity for women -- and for men -- and for empowering women, and he really kind of just tears it all down," she said.

"I think it's really disappointing that he's made it this far -- that he is a presidential candidate, and this is possibly the person who will be representing the United States."

Donald Trump on the Stump

She used the word "disappointing" twice here to describe Donald Trump. We feel like she could have used it about a trillion more times, you know, for accuracy. but she makes a good point.

Ariel also brought up her own experiences with being bullied about her body. It's relevant, of course, because Donald can't seem to shut up about women's bodies for one literal minute.

"For many years," she revealed, "I faced tons of online criticism from cyber bullying."

"I had a ton of self esteem issues, so I had a really long positivity journey of learning to be confident in myself."

And that's when Ariel Winter took us to church.

Ariel Winter on Instagram

"When I was first in the spotlight, I was flat-chested and I had no curves and was getting hate for that."

"Then, I turned 12 and automatically had boobs and a butt and a curvy body and it was something, at first, that I was really excited about, until photos started coming out of me on the Internet and people started really, really hating on what I looked like."

She said "I was called fat and ugly and a slut, and a lot of things for just being me, and it was really difficult."

"For many years, I did my best to try and diet to lose weight, or change the way I dressed, and change the things I talked about to see if it would help and to see if people would reply more positively to me if I did that."

Aww, isn't that sweet? She thought that she could change the way she dressed and that it would make people stop being the worst. How quaint.

Ariel Winter Cleavage Image

"I finally said to myself, 'You know, I'm wasting so much time trying to please other people when I really should be focusing on the most important relationship I have, which is the one I have with myself,'" Ariel concluded.

"And I took that time to really focus on me, and to understand that people's comments aren't what matter."

And that's absolutely true -- what people say about you doesn't matter, it only matters what you think about yourself.

God bless Ariel Winter.

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