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Fans typically worry about Tara Reid because it looks like she has not eaten a full meal in years.

Or because she’s very often drunk and incoherent.

Tara Reid Premiere Pic
Photo via Getty

But the thin actress gave fans* a new reason to show concern this week… by sharing a scary photo on Instagram.

(*Do any Tara Reid fans actually exist? We’re actually curious.)

"Everyone be kind to each other. This is what bullying looks like. #Worthless," Reid wrote as a caption to the following image, which depicts her face badly bruised and totally battered.

Tara Reid, Beaten?
Photo via Instagram

Followers were quick to wonder whether Reid had been hanging out with Chris Brown.

What the heck happened? Who would do such a thing?!?

"Go to the police," urged one commenter, speaking on behalf of many others who didn’t understand why Reid would publicize these injuries before reporting them to the authorities.

“Omg are you ok???” wrote another fan, with a third writing: “Holy s–t. Prayers your way."

However, then these followers studied the hashtag Reid included with the image.

And then they took note of a photo she shared on her social media page this past Sunday, along with its caption:

"On my way to shoot my next movie Worthless in Philadelphia here I come."

Tara Reid is Worthless
Photo via Instagram

Ah, okay then.

So Tara Reid is not the victim of domestic violence or any kind of bullying.

She just used these topics as a way to promote her next movie.

We’re glad she’s safe and sound and unharmed and everything, because now we feel better posing the following question to her:


There are countless people out there who have actually suffered serious injuries at the hand of bullies.

This really is not a subject you ought to exploit just for the sake of Instagram Likes or movie promotion.

We know you don’t land roles very often these days, so we get that you’re excited.

But sheesh! This was not cool.

Tara Reid at SDCC
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“I’m so excited being back in New Jersey where I was born and raised,” Reid Tweeted on Monday. “I’m shooting my new movie Worthless it’s an anti bullying movie."

We’re all for that subject matter.

We just wish Reid would have found a more appropriate way bring it up online.