Tara Reid: Drunken Rant Caught on Video! WATCH!

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Tara Reid might have finally reached peak-Tara Reid.

Last week was saw the actress-turned-reality-star get drunk on Marriage Boot Camp, which was every bit as ugly as it sounds:

Now, we have more footage from that same night and ... yeah, it's giving us some real insights into what Tara's like when the cameras aren't rolling.

Unfortunately, those insights are super depressing.

You'll need a little background in order to fully appreciate just how bonkers the following clip is.

For starters, it was filmed without Tara's knowledge, so it's safe to assume she's not just ramping up the drama for the sake of ratings.

On top of that, it was shot shortly after the clip above, so it's safe to say Tara is hammered out of her gourd.

It's tough to tell exactly what she's saying, but it seems Tara really dislikes her boyfriend, Dean May, and apparently she's pissed that the rest of the cast seems to like him.

"They only see what Dean tells them ... I'm not going to set myself up again when they don't know the real story," Reid says at one point.

"He's Dean May. He's cool. He's gonna be famous now." 

"I was wrong on my opinion of him, everyone in this house thinks he's so f---ing cool and I'm all the sudden this bad person because I'm not gonna show up to look like a fool. You want to know about Dean? It's all bulls--t." 

From there Reid, goes on to slam her co-stars:

"I didn't know who anyone was in this f---ing house when I walked in, but everyone knows who I am ... everyone." 

The producer who's forced to sit through Tara's rant echoes the sentiment of everyone watching when he says, "I don't know 90 percent of what you're saying."

This pair of incidents comes on the heels of an ugly episode in which Tara clashed with Jenny McCarthy while appearing on her Sirius radio show. 

Here's hoping the 40-year-old actress is able to get the help she needs soon.

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