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The drama in the spooky hospital reached dizzying new heights on the latest episode of Scream Queens. 

We started things off with Chanel #5 being blamed for the big murder at the close of the season premiere. It was a hilarious scene, but it was a little too obvious she would be blamed for the murder. 

Being the only one who laid eyes on the killer is not the best defense and the police officer knew that. That probably explains why Munsch tried to discredit the officer’s credentials. 

The Green Meanie Strikes Again

Chanel and Chanel #3 burst in to the crime scene and noted that #5 has started up the murders because she was jealous she never got invited on a date. 

All of the drama with the new murder sent Zayday on a mission to find out what Munsch’s true motives were. This was met with a less than stellar response from Chamberlain who informed her that she was playing with fire. 

He does have a point. Munsch was the one who took gave her a job when she really needed it. There’s nothing quite like biting the hand that feeds you. 

Zayday’s investigation led to her finding out there was a Halloween party in 1986 and that every single person on the hospital staff was brutally murdered by the Green Meanie. 

You’d think that there would be no way in hell a hospital would open back up, but thanks to Munsch, the hospital’s sick past was concealed. 

Zayday and Chamberlain then went full steam ahead to get the truth from Munsch, who burst out crying and let us in on a shock secret about about her true motives. 

Zayday and Chanel #3 Confused

Munsch thinks she’s dying and has no idea what the heck her condition is. It makes sense, but she would have been better investing the money solely on research. 

There must be a lot of over head costs at the hospital. She did say she was funding it all on her own dime. Right?!

Zayday found out that Munsch had eaten a human corpse and she has a disease that cannibals get and gives her just one year to live. Yikes!

Ingrid is listening into the whole thing with a bug she placed under Munsch’s desk, but what the heck is she really up to?

Ingrid tried to get intel about the Chanel’s from Zayday, but she quickly knew what was going on and declined. It should be interesting to unravel how Ingrid is all over the place, trying to find out things. 

Elsewhere, Chanel #5 got her start on the relationship ladder with Tyler, who had a disease that made him look like a monster. 

Dr. Holt Is On The Job

She made it her mission to find a way to cure him, but the Chanels ridiculed her every step of the way. She made a fundraising video to purchase a laser for the hospital, but it did not go down well. 

Chad returned to the show in the most hilarious fashion. His friend had a bad case of stage fright, but Chad also had an ulterior motive. 

He wanted Chanel back as his girlfriend. There was a huge obstacle in the way and that was Dr. Holt. The two men sparred throughout the hour to get Chanel. 

Thanks to Holt’s hand writing a mysterious food order, Chad managed to find out that Holt’s transplanted hand came from a serial killer, who butchered close to 600 victims. 

Chad had the leverage he needed to get rid of Holt, but he did not quite go that far. 

Chad Hates Holt

When Munsch was attacked, she realized she would need to reel Denise in to get to the root of what was going on at the hospital. 

That paved the way for the Chanels, Munsch and Denise to visit Hester, who had some lofty demands to give them intel on the killer. 

It’s obvious Hester is going to end up at the hospital, so the killings must get so frequent that they go through with getting her out of her asylum. 

Watch Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 2 Online
Watch Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 2 Online

We closed off this thrilling episode with Tyler being murdered by the killer. He had a nurse helping him to the punch.

Could the new killer be in #cahoots with Zayday?

What did you think of the episode?

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