Kate Gosselin: My Ex Got Engaged to a Hot 27-Year-Old!

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Kate Gosselin just has been dealt another devastating blow.

Jon n' Kate Gosselin

On the heels of troubled son Collin's special needs treatment in a facility away from home comes news that her ex got engaged again.

No, not Jon Gosselin. No one has agreed to marry him (yet).

Millionaire Dreamstime (dot) com co-founder Jeff Prescott, 53, who dated Kate a year or so ago, confirms he is going to get re-married.

To a stunning 27-year-old girlfriend, Jenna Sabacheuskaya!

Jeff Prescott Photo

“We’re engaged and couldn’t be happier,” Prescott says.

The stock photo agency executive ended his relationship with the Kate Plus 8 star, 41, last September after nine months as a couple. 

He quickly started dating the Belarus-born business major.

There are plenty of reasons why an individual might not want to date Kate, but for Prescott, Gosselin’s massive brood was not one of them.

What was it that ultimately drove the couple apart?

Kate Gosselin Can't Look

“I was fine with Kate’s eight children, but I was uncomfortable with the spotlight,” Prescott explains of his reason for breaking up with her

“The eventual deal breaker," he says, was just that.

When it comes to dating Kate Gosselin, that reality brings with it a massive amount of "unwanted attention to my private life that I cherish.”

It's true, of celebrities who are totally unable to escape controversy, and are polarizing figures, Kate's almost up there with Donald J. Trump.

Almost, we said. Everybody just chill out now.

And that's not a political statement, just fact.


There's no bad blood that we know of, but one year later, the father of three claims he hasn’t spoken to his ex-girlfriend since the split:

“Neither of us has made an effort to reach out."

That doesn't mean they're on bad terms, though, necessarily. Nothing would indicate that the two had any sort of falling out or argument.

On the contrary, in fact, they seemed so stable.

Kate Plus Eight

In January 2015, when the duo's relationship first went public, Prescott gushed about his then-girlfriend, who's so frequently maligned.

He also defended her several times after that.

Kate's parenting abilities are often so heavily scrutinized, but when it comes to that facet of her life, Jeff had only good things to report.

“She’s a loving, caring mother,” he said.

That she is, although her motives and methods have often been called into question, such as when Kate roughed up her son so hard.

There will be time to rehash her questionable decision making and shady antics, but for now, we just want to see her get back on track.

She's been through a hell of a lot, truly.

We hope that the mother of eight is holding up well in light of Prescott's big news, and that Collin is doing extremely well in his treatment. 

That's the most important thing of all.

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